H&M boyfriend shorts, Zara blouse, Prada flats (super old now), Miu Miu bag and Moschino headscarf.

Pedder Red Black skull necklace, other necklaces DIY, Tag Heuer watch, DIY + random bracelets, David Yurman bangles, H&M + random rings.

Obviously my friends are awesome at focusing on my camera.

Oh so I’m testing out the headscarf! After many attempts at home, trying to make it look good on my small head, I think I finally got it right. I’m so proud of myself for wearing it all day! Apart from my glasses, I don’t really do a lot of head/hair accessories just cos I feel like it brings a lot of attention to my head and also I don’t do hats because of my irrational and unexplainable fear of it flying away and me having to run after and catch it (one of my biggest fears…). Anywayyyyy, I think my headscarf worked out alright! Not too hippie, not too hobo and not too hipster…at least that’s what I think! Going to go raid my mom’s scarf drawer now! What do you guys think of the headscarf?

Hung out with Julie and Mandy in the afternoon today. We shopped around at Monki (didn’t get anything great, just some basics) and then we were staaaaaarving so we feasted (I’m talking 4 dishes shared among the 3 of us) at Toastbox! Man I really really miss the food in Singapore. Hoping to go back soon, maybe end of Summer to see my cousin’s new baby boy!! (Yes another one!)

Nasi Lemak in the background and Mee Siam in the front. Actually I had the laksa and….

..a giant cup of Milo Dinosaur! So awesome! I miss the food in Singapore SO BAD RIGHT NOW.

nom nomnomnomnomn told you, 4 dishes among the 3 of us wahahahha

The other day I stopped by Zara to look out for some chiffony/flowy tops and ended up getting this really nice plain dusty pink one (like in the pic below but..pink). I really liked this cobalt blue pleated skirt but then..I think that’s just a tad too much colour for me. I posted about these awesome Zara red printed trousers on my Tumblr the other day and ended up getting them yesterday. They’re much much nicer in the picture than in real life. They’re actually quite shiny silk and when I cuff the hems, the silkiness just makes it unravel after 5 seconds. If I decide to keep them I’ll definitely need to sew up the hems! Anyway pics later if I do decide to keep them :)

My rings!

Wanted to quickly show you some of the bracelets I wear everyday. I have quite a few that I switch up and rotate around but these 3 David Yurman bangles and this random skull bracelet I definitely wear everyday. I’ll normally mix them with either some DIY chain or leather bracelets that I made or with some rhinestone bracelets or random bangles.

Also check out these two wire rings I made recently! One has a hex knut on it and the other is just plain wire.

Just had an awesome dinner and drinks after with Sam from Sam is Home and Sybil from The Style Voyager! I’ll post those pics up later..also after they post theirs cos I’m going to steal some pics since theirs will probably be nicer :D

Okay that’s all for now! I’m heading to HK Art Fair 2011 tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED!



  1. so BLUR nanz.

    ~and i’m always gonna wanna blow your mind~

  2. Try pushing back more… So your forehead isn’t all covered! :)

  3. nice! :) i like the colors of that scarf (?) that you used for the headband!! it goes well with the white and blue and black of your ensemble!!

    hahaa toastbox!!! oh man you should totally come to sg for some real hawker fare! :) toastbox is just the tip of the iceberg… i do love milo dinosaur though!!

    new camera lens??

  4. the black skull necklace got my heart palpitating! and I scrolled up again and realized you did some twisty braid with the headscarf, I think that definitely adds to it working. otherwise the scarf would look so flat. nice, brings out the summer spirit too man!

  5. Love the headscarf! It’s such a difficult thing to pull off, but you did it very well.

  6. love the wire rings. do they cut, though? am from singapore and i LOVE milo dinosaur! but some sellers are getting a bit stingy with the milo around here. :(

  7. yessss come here. i know what you mean re: having things on your head. i only managed to do a turband once but never walked out the house with it. meh.

  8. I was trying to read the text of the book you featured your jewelry on.. something about middle ages? haha
    Yeah do you have dropbox? I’ll put all the photos in there and share it with you tonight. The ones we took together are ridiculously funny.

    And how was the art fair???

  9. Whoa love your DIY rings!

  10. love the colorful headband

  11. Great look, love the pop of colour the scarf gives! Xx.

  12. Love your Miu Miu bag, the perfect everyday bag. You look awesome

  13. omg love! you look freaking gorrrggg! love that headscarf thingy with the glasses and lipstick color!! You definitely pull it off!

    come to L.A soon so we can meet!


  14. I love your turban! I always want to do them but my bangs get in the way! I must find a better technique! I love that wire ring too!

  15. aaah you should’ve got the skirt, it looked awesome on you! And I always love your accessories, they’re so cool. Wish i could pull off that effortlessly cool look you’ve got going on xD

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