Noticing anything new to my posts? Yep say hello (finally) to our new camera (Nikon D600)! In all its full-frame glory, I’m super happy we invested finally getting a new camera (although we still love our compact Panasonic Lumix GX1) just to bring that extra summinsummin to my blog. And yes whilst there are many more priorities than spending a huge chunk of money on a camera simply for blog photos, we just have to think of everything as an investment! Even the latest photos of Sumo make it worth it!

Incase you haven’t heard, Shanghai is having a real shitty time in terms of pollution right now. Like seriously OFF THE SCALE ridiculousness. Seems surreal to me that in this day and age, I’m living in a city where I have to wear a mask every time I go outside. I feel like I’m in some sci-fi future movie where machines have taken over the world. Thankfully, the days vary and on this particularly clear day, we rushed out to snap these outfit pics with our new camera and my newly dyed pink hair! What’s the point of having perfectly dye-able bleached blonde hair if you don’t..dye it! The pink is just temporary and will fade out in a few weeks anyway! So fun! I’m off to Paris tomorrow morning with my love and can’t wait to show you guys all the yummy food and pretty streets!

My Rafé clutch is now available at Lane Crawford Hong Kong! This shell iPhone case is so fancycooool.

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