Bracelet with skull and J pendant from NY flea market (but these initial ones are cute too), Agatha studded bracelet, chunky chain from Thailand, Cartier Tank Française watch and Tiffany and Co. box chain bracelet.

This is what I’ve predominantly been wearing on my wrist lately. I’ve gone through many different “arm-party” phases, from the many many many friendship bracelets that used to pile up to mid-forearm when I was in fourth grade, the black rubber “emo” bracelets that were always stacked on my arm in my late teens to the silver and gold cuffs and chain bracelets that weighed my arm down the past few years. Proof of overcrowding wrists in some super old posts here and here. It has now come down to this: a paired down few staples that I always swap in and out or wear altogether.

I recently swapped out my vintage Tag Heuer watch for this classic Cartier Tank Française cos of a crack in the former. The Cartier is such a classic which I love, but I’m actually more of a classic round face watch kinda girl maybe from something like Patek Philippe for example or perhaps a classic Chanel J12 (uh hello dream watch). I’m loving the simplicity and daintiness of the thin Tiffany and Agatha studded bracelet paired with the super chunky chain. Of course I can’t forget my favourite bracelet: a simple skull with a J pendant (for my man) that we bought together at a random flea market on our last New York trip ♥

Oh yeah! My gold bracelet (that I never take off) was actually featured recently as one of my favourite things in Hong Kong’s THE LIST magazine (see below). I actually haven’t blogged about any of my most recent press features but make sure you check out my press page for my latest clippings! #thankful

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