JCrew Blythe silk shirt, JCrew Summerlight Terry sweatpant, Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Christian Louboutin black ankle booties (get the suede version here).

Keeping comfortable is definitely one of my biggest factors in all aspects of life. I mean, aside from the rare neck-breakingly high footwear, I try to always dress in something that, if need be, I could run, sleep or eat-as-much-as-I-want in. It’s definitely no surprise that I picked out these J.Crew super soft Summerlight Terry sweatpants since I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect fitted yet super comfy loungy pants since forever and I’ve definitely found them at J.Crew! I love that these pants are so versatile: they can go from lounging around the house with my pahama tshirt to a casual going-out-outfit just by throwing on this J.Crew silk blouse and a pair of heels. Speaking of the silk blouse, this is the J.Crew Blythe silk shirt and I’ve just deemed it (in my mind and now online) as the most perfect summer blouse. Summer tops to me are just tshirts and blouses and this J.Crew black silky one is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. Hilary Tsui agrees with me as she wears the same top in bright bright pink in the J.Crew Hello, World campaign. It’s so funny how two people wearing the same shirt, just in different colours, can style the top in two completely different ways. Oh man, fashion is fun and CAN be comfortable!!

I’m seriously so excited for J.Crew to come to Hong Kong! It’s still unclear as to whether a real store will appear soon but the Lane Crawford pop-up coming in the Fall will have to do for now! Have you guys all signed up for the J.Crew insider yet? No joke it’s the best way to get the latest J.Crew emails (their EDMs are designed SO well, seriously) on what’s new, what’s good and what’s on sale! You also get a ton of freebies like free shipping, duty-free shopping and access to a team of AMAZING personal stylists. How good is the styling in this new campaign image?! Ding ding ding! Sign me UP please!

Photos by Carmen Chan. Thanks so much to JCrew!

SG: Sad Girl

I’ve been posting up a storm up on hurr! And I have so many many more posts lined up for you guys! The Blogging Content Gods have been really good to me lately and I owe a lot of it to TOUGHLOVE for always being there to take my pictures and for introducing me to the world of only cool people and only cool places to go while only wearing the coolest shit. Thanks bb!


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