April77 black denim jacket, Stylenanda tank top, Uniqlo jeans, Nike frat flops and Alexander Wang Emile bag.

Wow talk about feet CLOSE UP! (Gross.) Okay a few things are going on here: 1. These are all iPhone photos. You can probably tell but we got lazy carrying around the ginormous camera (even though we scooter everywhere) so these photos were taken on iPhone and edited in VSCO Cam. Not too bad eh? 2. Yes the frat flops..or “slides” as most people call them. I won’t go so far as to venture into #socksandslides territory but yes the frat flops. In all honesty, they are so comfy. I am definitely NOT a flip-flops kinda girl and haven’t worn or owned one in the past 5+ years so slipping my bare feet (#veryrare) into a pair of these at Gimpo Airport in South Korea before boarding back to Shanghai was a real gamble. Obviously the comfort won me over and now I wear them all the time. Personally, I think these are best worn with cuffed up jeans or something that covers up most of your legs cos you don’t wanna be exposing toooo much feet here. Best remember to scrub your heels and at least TRY a little bit with your *shudder*toenails*shudder*…god so gross okay enough.

Failing at nonchalantly “casually walking across the street and oh what’s that? A street-style photo of me?”

Wow dem roots aye?

Pendant necklace from Isabel Marant pour H&M Kids.


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