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Forever 21 floral pants, J.Crew Tissue crewneck tee, Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Superga 2750 Cotu Classic white and LeSpecs x Henry Holland Muffin sunglasses.

Woo Koh Samui! If you follow me on twitter, instagram or tumblr then I’m sure you know by now that I just went on a quick trip to Koh Samui, Thailand! As part of my birthday gift and cos I’m cool and special (lulz), Jason from TOUGHLOVE planned a semi last minute short trip for us to chill out and relax and also to attend his friends Stephanie and Marc’s wedding. Here’s just the first half of day 1 of our getaway so there will be a few more posts coming up soon! Also managed to shoot a few videos from my trip so scroll down for ddtv episode 4: THAILAND version!

In other news…sooooo..I caved and bought myself a birthday present: the Alexander Wang Rockie! So there I am strolling around Lane Crawford completely in control of my shopping will power when suddenly BAM, there this little baby was, sitting so cutely on the shelf! I tested out the Rockie for a little while, moseying around the store while we tested out Rimowa suitcases and then I ended up buying it! I’ve been using it non-stop since and the size is perfect, studs are not too heavy and overall super comfy to use!

Don’t forget to scroll through for another episode of ddtv! You can also follow me on Vimeo:SUPERWOWOMG!

At the HK airport…playing around with my new wide angle lens! Also, still so in love with my LeSpecs x Henry Holland Muffin sunglasses!

Completely normal

Arriving in Koh Samui!!

Say hi to my new Nanamica camo backpack (on top of geepgeep)!! It has the most amazing printed camo leather straps too that looks super cool. Thanks baby again for this cos it makes me look soooooo cool! YAAAH *rocafella*!


View from our balcony at the Hansar Samui hotel. Amazing!

Watch in HD here!

Lots more Koh Samui blogposts coming up in the next week or two! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far, I know I am! Everyone don’t forget to stay cooooooooooooooool in this crazy heat!


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