Zara leather jacket, Mongolian lamb fur vest, Zara silk lace shorts, Nike Free Inneva Woven sneakers (similar), Rabeanco bag and sunglasses from Taiwan.

Another post from our Beijing trip! On our second day, we pretty much banged out all the major touristy spots we just had to go to. Good thing JJ and Jason had already been to Beijing and I’m a hater of sightseeing so we didn’t have to spend too long at any of the tourist attractions – we were pretty much in an out of there within an hour or so! Although the history of Tiananmen Square and all that is really important and rich, I was mostly fascinated with the actual China tourists that were there. Huge groups of people straight of the villages and for a lot of them, their first time in a major city. Of course we made fun of everyone that was there – I’m just glad my travel buddies enjoy stupidity just as much as I do!

After doing some touristy stuff, we headed to one of the hutongs, which are the small little side streets with shops and restaurants. I bought some fun small little souvenirs and we ate some extraaaa spicehhhhh local food. The weather was extra hazy and basically shitty all weekend. I wore just tights that day and got completely drenched by night time and suffered at least a week or two of a bad cold and the worst cough ever. Oh well it was all worth it for fun times with my Brew&Post boys!

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JJ, me and Jason!

I WIN!!!!!!!!!

A sea of red tourists

Blending in

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is datchu!?

The many amazing poses of JJ

This is AMAZING.

The coolest effing china dude ever in the hutongs.

YUM! Just like in HK, roasted street sweet PO-TAY-TOEZ.

Biggest umbrella ever!

We found the coolest LAVA logo and had to conduct ourselves appropriately.

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