Marc by Marc Jacobs DIY cropped tee, H&M neoprene skirt (this Awang one is on sale!), H&M holographic clutch (mmm this one is nice too), Topshop hat, Dr. Martens 1461 shoes.

Couple weeks ago we hit up the H&M Summer Party to kick off this sweaty summer in Shanghai! It was H&M’s own version of a music festival which included some amazing Asia acts like DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, The Yours and Queen Sea Big Shark among others. The Yours are a great punk rock band from Hong Kong and Queen Sea Big Shark are a fun awesome local China band who have been compared to the The Yeah Yeah Yeahs countless times. Now that I’m living in China, I’m starting to get exposed to some local bands here and I have to admit the indie music scene here is much better than in Hong Kong. I mean Hong Kong definitely has some great bands like The Yours and ChoChukMo but you really gotta weed them out amongst the super over-concentrated cantopop scene #gross

I’ve been wearing this Topshop hat NON-stop since I got it back in Hong Kong (see here, here, here and here). After my failed attempt at getting my hands on the H&M New Icons hat, I settled for this Topshop beauty and have ZERO regrets. I’m sure you all know about my fear of hats (in which I am deathly afraid of them blowing off my head and flying away with the wind and then me running after it like a fool), but with the help of this Topshop circle hat and my love’s promise that he’d run after my hat for me, I can finally say I love hats. Paired with my favourite H&M neoprene skirt and perfect shiny H&M holographic clutch, I ventured by way of Crop Top again and actually felt pretty good about myself. Don’t let anyone tell you your belly doesn’t deserve a little air and light.

Cool interactive duck pool (hmmm some HK influence here?) where the duckies move when you stomp on them. I want this in the entrance of my future house #takenote

Some body painting available at the event and of course some real cool dudes had these real awesome really original extra cool looking tribal shits painted on them in their real breezy cool wife beater tank tops =_=

The Yours from Hong Kong! Love love love!

DJ Mademoiselle Yulia played an earlier set that we sadly missed. She is the long lost twin of my older sister (see here).

Hi Jack (The Yours)

Queen Sea Big Shark! One of our favourite bands from China!

Love it!

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