holler daze.

Lark&WolfxUO shirt / AA Leggings / Forever21 Blazer / Vintage Giorgio Armani bag / cheap boots

So i’ve just been hanging out with family and friends this whole holiday, taking it easy. I haven’t been shopping at all, except for these knee high boots i got for super mad cheap (pics above) and thats pretty much been it!

Here are some other pics:

Shopping with the girls. Bought those boots that I just mentioned. $260HK = $30US. CHEAP.

Julie sleeping like a foetus.

—————-Christmas Eve:

Every year my family hosts a rooftop bbq at my place where all our friends come etc. This year instead of going out clubbing for christmas eve, me and my friends decided to stay on the roof and just drink there instead.

I prepared kebabs for the bbq!

This is me and my mom. Isn’t she cute? She’s like a little munchkin.

My korean sister, Julie.

My other 2 stupid bestfriends.

Group pic

hahaha funny.


Last night we went out clubbing for the first time in ages. It was pretty good and actually ended up being really fun.

BDG Cigarette Jeans / BDG Men’s Tshirt / Random cardi / Marc Jacobs bag / Pierre Hardy for Gap Heels

Feasting at Watami

At Pi, getting a bit crazy.



Man shopping in Hong Kong is amazing, if only I could afford things. And I don’t know what recession people are talking about, it seems like everywhere I go, people are shopping and spending tons of money! If only that included me ):

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