COS pink tshirt, Topshop Leigh Jeans, Raw edge denim trench from Seoul, Choies pointy flats, Muji netted bag and Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte lipstick in MAT1.

There’s something about a matte lip that really appeals to me. I’ve never been one of those super glossy sticky shiny as f&ck lip gloss types of girls – at most, any type of shine comes from my lip balm (Hello Carmex!) and that’s it. When it comes to a lipstick, I always go for matte. This new Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte is so so so perfect and comes in all the right shades of pink, orange and most importantly deep red. Matte lipsticks have a scary tendency to be super drying that really calls to attention all your gross lip wrinkles but the Maybelline Bold Matte is super hydrating and really vibrant whilst still keeping your lips matte and surprisingly super long-lasting. I’m really not into lipsticks that you have to reapply every hour or so cos personally, call me old fashioned but I think the action of putting on lipstick in public is super ugly, I’d rather go to the bathroom to reapply but everyone knows how annoying that’d be. This new super deep vibrant Bold Matte pink is definitely my new go to for when I’m feeling a bit girlier in the lip department.

On this fine Saturday, I surprised Jason with a super yummy brunch at Hillbilly Tea cafe in Taikang Terrace that serves delicious pancakes and scrambled eggs with rose infused maple syrup and zomg-so-yummy-must-make-this-at-home matcha tea butter!! This is just the second location for Hillbilly Tea, whose main branch is straight southern in Louisville, Kentucky. We definitely recommend trying the weekend brunch here and am going to test out the weekday dinners ourselves next time!


Hillbilly Tea: Room 203, Bldg 1, Taikang Terrace 171 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu, Xuhui District

What’s in my Muji netted bag:
Mophie extra rechargeable battery Incase leather iPhone5 case, OC hamburger keychain, Swiss Army knife, Carmex lip balm, Commes des Garçons wallet, personalized Guerlain mirror and Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte lipstick in MAT1

The amazing rooftop of Taikang Terrace.

This guy! ♥

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