i <3 hk

I wore this out for an early morning Saturday yum cha session with the girls. It’s actually getting pretty nippy out here in Hong Kong..nothing compared to NY though. Ugh I’m sort of dreading to go back just cos of the weather but I am starting to get really antsy about starting new projects and kinda cant wait till school starts.

AA shiny leggings, H&M tank (under), BDG men’s tshirt, BAPY hoodie, Carhartt army jacket, Granville knee-high boots.

My mom attended this fur party the other day and got this rabbit fur bracelet as a partying gift. I’m not really sure how I stand on fur right now. I mean I understand all the cruelty behind it, but at the same time fur can be so pretty and warm and comfortable. The whole fur trend right now isn’t really helping either. Also, my bunny Molly probably isn’t too excited about it either ):

Bottega Veneta bracelet, KJL studded cuff, HK Federation of Fur rabbit bracelet.


How baller is this? I totally forgot that we had this at home until yesterday when I was rushing to meet my friends but also wanted to have some hot soup. I think we got it from some Chanel event we went to a few years back. Well, as long as Chanel keeps my soup warm :)


The first pic is kinda blurry so I took a detailed shot. These are the new suede ankle boots that I got from a store in HK called PEDDER RED. (Merkovsky if you’re reading this and am still in HK, I highly recommend this store, just forgot to tell you). It was originally $1325 (approx) and was then discounted to $625 and then if you bought 4 items or more then you receive a further 40% off so I paid $375 for these babies. They’re so comfortable and with an approx. 1″ platform I can practically run in these. I haven’t worn them yet, but plan on debuting them this Friday for my last night out.


click for bigger

Finally, in regards to the title of my post: this photo depicts one of the reasons why I love Hong Kong. I do want to live in other cities at least for a while but no where is like Hong Kong and I know I’ll always end up moving back here in the end <3

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