H&M floral lace tshirt, Topshop Moto jeans, F21 parka, Miu Miu satchel and Ash Banyan wedges

All bracelets from mama, my new old Tag Heuer watch (apparently my dad wore it like 20 yrs ago?), H&M ring and stone ring.

Me and Nanz kekekekeke

Wore this outfit last week to this American Apparel pop-up shop launch thingie at my favourite place: Lane Crawford. There were tons of cute and stylish people there and I managed to photograph a few for my Hong Kong Streetstyle page at Ladylike (Coming Soon!). Unfortunately, the event also brought out every young 15 yr old teeny boppers major wannabe hipster/slut side and I swear I had never seen so many slutty YOUNG girls dressed so provocatively in Lane Crawford all at the same time. I felt like scolding all of them, demanding they pull their hemlines down and their necklines up and telling them it was way past their bedtime. But ah well, I guess we’ve all been through that phase huh?

The pop-up store itself was alright, not entirely impressed with the selection they had. I was hoping to get a few things like this and this but they didn’t have it ): My mom was the only one who ended up buying sth, cos she’s just so dang hip like that.

P.S: Don’t give me shit about the quality of these photos above, my camera doesn’t take very good low-light photos and unlike some people, I don’t spend 1000 hours photoshopping my pictures to make them professional-billboard-ready :D

H&M grey sweater, Topshop floral shorts, Miu Miu bag, Pedder Red buckle wedges and random black socks.

Wore this outfit to..absolutely nothing. This is outside our home and it was really gross outside and it has been again the last few days. The weather is here is absolutely BONKERS…seriously on Tuesday it was about 25-30 degrees and the next day it drops down to 16. WTF?!?!?! Ugh I hate it, so unpredictable and makes it so hard for me to get dressed in the morning. When you wake up to this, it’s extremely difficult to get your ass out of bed in the morning ):

A few weeks ago me and mom did a random walk through Ikea and ended up buying this amazing 3 tier tea-party tray thing for me and Nanniez’s jewellery!

CUTE right? It’s so perfect and I can’t believe we never got it earlier.

You may have been wondering what that thing was dangling up there…and its….my…PIGGY! hehaehahe PB got it for me ages ago cos I love pigs (like…love…pigs) and I came home to find him tied up with a big bow! Lol my mom did that…HOW CUTE IS MY MOM? hehehe anyway piggy is a little dirty cos i used to carry him around with me in my laptop case :D

Top tier: Rings

Middle tier: Bracelets

Bottom tier: Big bracelets and other random things!

I recently got these bangles from Accessorize. YES, the amazing jewellery/accessory store from England has finally opened up shop in Hong Kong!!! The other day I tried to go in to the new store in IFC and DUDE that place was PACKED, i literally couldn’t even get in…I’ll have to try my luck again maybe this weekend. Their stuff is reasonably price and they have such a huge range of stuff from your boho hippie bangles/earrings to cute Parisienne themed items. They even have a cute little section for little girls with things like little coin purses and KEYCHAINS (Me and Nanz were eyeing this MONKEY keychain lol).

To get more updates about Accessorize, you can become a fan on their Facebook page!!! There’s even a competition going to win up to $1000 shopping spree at either of their two stores, IFC and Festival Walk)

I paired my 3 favourite bangles with a rhinestone bracelet from my mom and my vintage Mickey Mouse watch!

Check out my new DIY Multi-Cross Fringe necklace! If you guys like, I’ve posted a DIY VIDEO (!!!!) on Ladylike. It’s my first ever DIY video so I hope you ladies like it! It was fun to make! Good thing I cut the audio out or else you’d hear my stupid baby voice saying stupid shit to PB (as usual) hahaahaha so embarrassing! Anyway the video is fairly short and the DIY is super easy so hope you guys like it!

Don’t forget! You can follow me on twitter or bloglovin’ and do NOT forget to check updates at Ladylike!

  1. OMG i almost bought a necklace like your DIY one on etsy for like US$40 but i was like i can make that AND ALAS, I HAVE FOUND A TUTORIAL!!!! THANK YOU, YOU SAVED ME $40!! and omg i love accessorize but sometimes their things are so damn expensive i get turned off. AND OMG AA IN HONG KONG?!!? i am ttly going there the next time i visit (hopefully soon!!)

  2. okay so you’re amazing.
    we get it.
    now stop.

    JOKING. please continue being awesome! haha i love the outfits, you and your sister look soo gorgeous together. and i don’t think i could ever carry jewellery off like you do. OH AND I ALSO THOUGHT LANE CRAWFORD had a dress code! or a sign that says M15+ like tv and movie ratings.

    sigh, and i love both your shoes and bags :D

  3. Love your wedges and your piles of jewellery!

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. Your style is so inspiring. And that IKEA accessories thing is perfect! I need to go to that swedish furniture heaven NOW (too much work though. might go in a couple of weeks if i’m lucky -.-)


  5. yayyy new post!! :DD haha aww dang it’s too bad you didn’t get anything from the AA pop up shop!! ughhhh if it’s one thing i don’t like, it’s girls who dress like they hardly have any clothes/dignity on!!

    aweesome jewellery collection there!! sighhh why isn’t my sis into ANY of this fashion stuff… sobsobsob.

    btw, saw your tweet. ;p it pisses me off everytime i realise there are a few more days to the weekend.

  6. omg denise that 3 cake tier thing is an awesome idea!! wtf. why didnt anyone think of it earlier??? thanks for that hehe. im currently bidding on a parka on ebay just like yours but im wondering what im going to do with it in the summer. mmm. not so sage. maybe for next year, huh ;P also, im still looking at your ash wedges. so awesomely practical yet not.

  7. Love the DIY necklace! And that pig looks really cute.


  8. NANZ you’re so fofular you JUSTT updated and PUHZINNNGGGG not even first to comment.

    1) “bonkers” -lulz what a mom word

  9. omg so many accesories! :] i can never pull them off.
    ahh american apparel. i have a love/hate thing for them. i hate it bc it’s so hipster yet they have some great items T_T

  10. You seriously have the BEST accessories collection EVER, and owh my that Miu miu bag….
    You’d have been my personal hero if you did tell those kids off, even if they are at that ‘phase’, they’ll grow up and wear the same stuff and send all kinds of wrong messages and then blame the world if someone actually happens to them.

  11. I love those wedges in the first outfit. So freaking hot.

  12. Can i have ur Miu2 satchel and the Ash wedges pls?! :P Freaking love the multi cross necklaces too!

  13. this post was amazing, i will be looking at your DIY necklace post on ladylike
    i love your comment on the teeny boppers! i hate when kids that age dress so slutty, have fun with clothes, but don’t dress like a tramp. I love the cake tray idea for jewelry. I was thinking of getting a dip dish and putting rings in the center and braclets on the outside, but i like this cake tray a lot better.

  14. I’ve got to say, I love the jewlery…um…tree. Such a good idea! Everything is easily found on that thing!


  15. loving your first outfit so much! That MiuMiu is simply divine, I was going to get i a few weeks back but opted out for it. the leather is soo lush, deer skin! Those wedges look really amazing too! Love your style!

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  17. your mom is so awesome. i love those bracelets your wearing of hers!!!!!!

    i love how u guys turned that tea party plate thing into a jewelry stand. good idea!

  18. Wow, I love that Ikea cake stand thing! Genius idea, If I had enough room in my bedroom, I would totally get one of those too. The pic of you and your sis is lovely too.

    Looking forward to the street style page! Oooh I think I totally don’t appreciate Accessorize enough but it really is great, So good to pick up some cute jewellery!

  19. WOWWWWW I love how you’ve organised your jewelry. Such a cute stand presentation. And your jewelry collection is undeniably beautiful. Lets swap? hahaha

  20. Hello! You have a great blog! I follow you, in my list of blogs! You have a nice outfit. I love your shoes and your bracaletes! I hope that you also following me…


  21. waaaah your blog posts are always like insanely chock full of stuff. love it. AA in hong kong? HIPSTER KIDS in hong kong?? what did they look like? i swear i’ve never seen hipster kids in HK but maybe my idea of hipster is something different. i just see loads of roxy/quiksilver kids along with the supah-trendy local kids wearing baggy vests/jeans/hats/bags. yup, baggy bags. anyways, great post, u make me miss hong kong SO MUCH. i haven’t been back since last summer! xxx

  22. Very nice look i love your rings your bracelets your jewels your bag your outfit yes evrything is gorgeous!

  23. I have been looking for a vintage mickey watch like yours forever! I tried looking around your blog but didnt manage to find out where you got it, may i know please?

  24. Wowzers. I adore your blog. And your 3 tier accessories thingy. So good!!! Your arm full of bracelets and rings and thigns totally reminds me of a pic I saw on Jak and Jill once…props!

  25. I want your Miu Miu!!! It looks like the perfect size for everyday use. I can’t believe HK only just got AA?? -thought HK had just about every fashion brand under the rainbow. Ahhh seeing your posts makes me miss shopping in HK so badly!!

    re: grey Marni patents- awww I would have loved to own the grey patents pair! It’ll be so awesome wearing them in Spring/Summer. Too bad your mommy didn’t approve!! :(



    i missed reading your blog:) glad to see you are still looking fab, so jealous of those wedge shoes and your huge jewelry collection!

    xx raez

  27. I’m supppperrrrr jealous that HK now has American Apparel! Ahhhh,I’m still waiting for AA to come to Singapore! Urghhhhh Ohhh that dish tray is from Ikea?? Hmmm,I have to go grab that too. Have too much accessories around the whole house.

    Love those shorts you’re wearing and your bag too!

  28. Eureka! What a great way to display and store your accessories! Love it. Need to find one of those thingies now…

  29. Hey Denise, are there any budget-friendly hotels in Hong Kong that you’d recommend? How about places to shop? I’m thinking of making a trip there at the end of this year. Thanks in advance :)

  30. haha shirley is my sister. -_-“. so what is this baby blog u mentioned??
    im studying law @ hkus only part- time tho. what do u do?

  31. Oh I’ve been obsessing over Ash shoes recently. I want to rob those off your feet grrrr! And I totally know what you mean about AA and the hipster crowd it draws. I have a pastry tier I use to store my jewelry back home as well!

  32. ebay! that’s where i got the hello kitty one : ] but they sell the stuff at ridiculous prices : [
    nordstrom.com has mac too and they still have some liberty of london stuff in stock! : ]
    i need to run over to get some before they run out : ]

  33. thanks for your comment agaiiiin! the clutch has a lining, the leather was a little torn and smushed so I wanted to put in a lining to make it look tidier… it also has a pocket with no zipper.
    I think you should make one out of pleather instead of soft leather if you end up making one, the leather I used is way too soft so the bag doesn’t really have a good structure unless you pack it full of stuff;-DD I want to attempt a pleather version myself but I think I won’t have any use of two such similar clutches.

  34. I love this look. Great wedges !

  35. ohhh pretty pretty pretty! i came to your site months ago and forgot the link, but so glad i found it again! i think u’re super cute n u’ve got very stylish, funky style. :) thanks for putting so much effort into ur blog. i recently started blogging abt fashion (do come by!) and only then did i realise how much time, thought & effort needs to be put into a fashion post!

  36. wow, Im having some serious jewelry envy right now…just amazing!

  37. What an accessory heaven…the pig with the bow is the No.1…

    Cheers: Evi

  38. YEAHHHH love ur bag ;)
    ps. you’ve got great style.

  39. AHHH that necklace is freaking sweeeet. and I love both shoes you’ve posted. and all your jewelry. :D


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