H&M floral lace tshirt, Topshop Moto jeans, F21 parka, Miu Miu satchel and Ash Banyan wedges

All bracelets from mama, my new old Tag Heuer watch (apparently my dad wore it like 20 yrs ago?), H&M ring and stone ring.

Me and Nanz kekekekeke

Wore this outfit last week to this American Apparel pop-up shop launch thingie at my favourite place: Lane Crawford. There were tons of cute and stylish people there and I managed to photograph a few for my Hong Kong Streetstyle page at Ladylike (Coming Soon!). Unfortunately, the event also brought out every young 15 yr old teeny boppers major wannabe hipster/slut side and I swear I had never seen so many slutty YOUNG girls dressed so provocatively in Lane Crawford all at the same time. I felt like scolding all of them, demanding they pull their hemlines down and their necklines up and telling them it was way past their bedtime. But ah well, I guess we’ve all been through that phase huh?

The pop-up store itself was alright, not entirely impressed with the selection they had. I was hoping to get a few things like this and this but they didn’t have it ): My mom was the only one who ended up buying sth, cos she’s just so dang hip like that.

P.S: Don’t give me shit about the quality of these photos above, my camera doesn’t take very good low-light photos and unlike some people, I don’t spend 1000 hours photoshopping my pictures to make them professional-billboard-ready :D

H&M grey sweater, Topshop floral shorts, Miu Miu bag, Pedder Red buckle wedges and random black socks.

Wore this outfit to..absolutely nothing. This is outside our home and it was really gross outside and it has been again the last few days. The weather is here is absolutely BONKERS…seriously on Tuesday it was about 25-30 degrees and the next day it drops down to 16. WTF?!?!?! Ugh I hate it, so unpredictable and makes it so hard for me to get dressed in the morning. When you wake up to this, it’s extremely difficult to get your ass out of bed in the morning ):

A few weeks ago me and mom did a random walk through Ikea and ended up buying this amazing 3 tier tea-party tray thing for me and Nanniez’s jewellery!

CUTE right? It’s so perfect and I can’t believe we never got it earlier.

You may have been wondering what that thing was dangling up there…and its….my…PIGGY! hehaehahe PB got it for me ages ago cos I love pigs (like…love…pigs) and I came home to find him tied up with a big bow! Lol my mom did that…HOW CUTE IS MY MOM? hehehe anyway piggy is a little dirty cos i used to carry him around with me in my laptop case :D

Top tier: Rings

Middle tier: Bracelets

Bottom tier: Big bracelets and other random things!

I recently got these bangles from Accessorize. YES, the amazing jewellery/accessory store from England has finally opened up shop in Hong Kong!!! The other day I tried to go in to the new store in IFC and DUDE that place was PACKED, i literally couldn’t even get in…I’ll have to try my luck again maybe this weekend. Their stuff is reasonably price and they have such a huge range of stuff from your boho hippie bangles/earrings to cute Parisienne themed items. They even have a cute little section for little girls with things like little coin purses and KEYCHAINS (Me and Nanz were eyeing this MONKEY keychain lol).

To get more updates about Accessorize, you can become a fan on their Facebook page!!! There’s even a competition going to win up to $1000 shopping spree at either of their two stores, IFC and Festival Walk)

I paired my 3 favourite bangles with a rhinestone bracelet from my mom and my vintage Mickey Mouse watch!

Check out my new DIY Multi-Cross Fringe necklace! If you guys like, I’ve posted a DIY VIDEO (!!!!) on Ladylike. It’s my first ever DIY video so I hope you ladies like it! It was fun to make! Good thing I cut the audio out or else you’d hear my stupid baby voice saying stupid shit to PB (as usual) hahaahaha so embarrassing! Anyway the video is fairly short and the DIY is super easy so hope you guys like it!

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