I haven’t updated in a few days because my bestfriend Julie is visiting all the way from Hong Kong! So here’s a mid-trip update for ya! We’ve been doing the typical New York tourist things, and eating and shopping way more than one physically could. I swear my feet get more tired as each day passes. I feel like I’ve been working them to the boneeee. I love it when someone comes to visit me in NY, it’s the best excuse to splurge on glorious amazing eating, wahahaha fewd ftw!!!!


Arrival Day.

On our way to the airport by train/airtrain (= death.)

I never posted this DIY, but I ended up giving in to the bleached/slashed denim trend. Pretty fun to do, not so fun to smell.

Hehehehehe isn’t my fat so cute sticking out of the holes???


Day Two: Yum Cha and 5th Ave.

On Sunday we walked down to Chinatown for yum cha (extremely missing HK food right now Y.Y) then I took the tourists uptown to around 5th ave area for the typical touristy attractions like Trump Tower, NBA store (we were also with my friend Ryoyu who loves bball) and Central Park, where Julie was really excited to see some black street performers (never before has she ever seen such a sight).

H&M bandage skirt, BDG tshirt, Zara trenchcoat, H&M wedge oxfords, Miu Miu bag, Miu Miu sunnies.

Yah, forgot to post that I got these new wedge oxfords at H&M…and I dunno how some bloggers do it but heels really hurt my feet ): Is it because no one walks as much as New Yorkers?

After lunch we headed back home cos my feet were dying too much and I had to switch to my old trusty Vans Eras.


Day Seven: Remedy and Wall St.

We had a pretty crazy night out at Donnybrooks (sp?) on Clinton St last night, where we drank an unexpected insane amount which decided never to hit us. So this morning we headed over to Remedy Diner on Norfolk for some late lunch (like at 3pm haha). After eating I took the tourists further downtown to Wall Street area to check out the WTC site and to see if we could score anything at Century 21 (which we did not).

Thought I’d post a pic of my necklaces today…yes my neck is as long as a baguette.

F21 shorts and tshirt, Mom’s scarf, Old jacket, Frye Harness bewts, Marni bag.
The weather got shitty again so I had to pile on the layers -.-

At Remedy

We headed down to Bowling Green to check out the giant Bull’s Balls and I was so happy to find a Panda lurking!!!! I didn’t want to actually take a photo with LP (Lurky Panda) cos he was basically charging people for “tips” for photos so I took one from far away. He was being mega lurky and mopey, walking around with his head tilted down ):


If you’ve been reading my tumblr, you would’ve known that I ordered this amazing vintage-inspired briefcase/mini-suitcase from Urban Outfitters recently. It was originally $68 but I got it for just $18 on sale online! Score! It’s really cute and actually quite spacious inside. The long strap makes it really handy to use cos I’m sure after maybe just 2 hours of holding my bag by the handle I’ll want to just leave it somewhere and never hold anything ever again.

Ignore the mess.

Tested it out right after I received the package…but decided not to use it today since it was going to rain ):


So you might be curious as to what the fudgsicles I’m on about in the title of my post aye? Well, last Monday I baked my very very first pie. A glorious time was held and a scrumptious blackberry blueberry pie was devoured. I didn’t want to venture to far with a lattice topping so I opted for a crumble topping which was equally as delicious and amazing. I used a mixture of frozen and fresh berries and unfortunately used a pre-made graham cracker pie crust – my house really just can’t accommodate rolling pins or flat surfaces for that matter.

Also, again with the title, everyone really has to watch the movie Waitress with Keri Russel. It was unexpectedly so cute and refreshing and omggg the pies in the movie just make you wanna just fuck it all and gain 100 pounds from eating PIE. In the movie, Keri Russel gives all her pies the best names and they look sooo good. Oh and if anyone is curious, my wonderful boyfriend found a website with the recipes for some of the pies from the movie (here). I can’t wait to make Falling in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie, the names of all the pies themselves make you just wanna swoooooon!

The finished product in all it’s amazingness.

dd’s BBBB pie served up warm and toasty with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with fresh blueberries.

If anyone wants me to make them a pie then feel free to pitch in to my bigger-apartment-fund!

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