…to the GUN SHOW •PEW PEW•

A lazy sunday outfit for lounging around the house and taking SUPER LONG WALKS across the street to the mall to fill our chubby (I mean cute) little bellies. Shanghai is going through some weird ADD type weather (hot then cold or hot AND cold at the same time) so it’s a lot of weird thick/thin layering nowadays.

Okay really just how cute is Sumo? He’s such a squishy blob of neck rolls and fat with the softest fur and the puppiest face. Follow him on instagram for more sleepy faces and guard dog stances! Coming home after a trip or even at the end of the day to the snuggliest dog and our cosy little home makes everything better x10000000000000. With his puppydog face, we have a real forever-puppy!

Ugh, can you just? This face makes me want to squeeze him so tight >.<

What a life huh?

Squishy pancake face baby! In case you’re wondering, his watermelon bed is from TaoBao!

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