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Listen to I Hate You Summer by SUPERWOWOMG on 8tracks

I Hate You Summer by SUPERWOWOMG on 8tracks

Summer is ever so slowly AND THANKFULLY coming to an end soon! To commemorate such a joyous occasion and to welcome in cooler weather with big fat wide open arms, I’ve made a fun little 8tracks mixtape for all my looovely readers! This has definitely been one of the best summers ever: freelance life is going good, Brew&Post is doing it big, welcoming our new baby Sumo to the family and of course my TOUGHLOVE keeping me company alllll summer. I’m thankful summer is almost over but I’m so so grateful for all the fun, work and love that happened this summer!

So excited for everything that will be happening come fall, including a trip to New York, one of my bestfriend’s weddings and of course cold weather and lots of layers. Here are some of my favourite random photos that I’ve posted and not posted up on the blog this past few months and also hope you all enjoyed my random mixtape! I’ll be doing more of these for fun! Lastly, don’t forget to follow me on 8tracks!

I HATE YOU SUMMER cover photo by Carmen Chan from How I Met Your Style.

Best birthday cake ever <3
Koh Samui, July

VANS warehouse party, July

My mom’s birthday at Hotel Icon, and yes in case you were wondering, we are the coolest effing family ever.

Our baby SUMO. Follow him on twitter and instagram: _sumodog

Fun with Brew&Post ♥


Photos by Carmen Chan, Aimée Han, TOUGHLOVE and me! For more random pics, follow my MO LIU (random) tag on my tumblr.


  1. Looooooooooooool I do not have that photo on my drive so it may be by Carmen! <3



  2. dude it’s like why are you so cool girl?

    Putri Soe

  3. I love anyone who puts together a mixtape and shares it, THANKS!
    And apart from the Ronsons (the only other family I can think of), the Lais are pretty fucking cool too :)))))

  4. Uhhh…best mixtape ever, best mixtape cover photo ever and best blog post ever. SUMO looks ridiculous. It’s been an great summer. Make more mixtapes!

  5. mixtape, SWEEEEEET!! i like this post. good, random, fun!

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