Topshop Leigh Jeans, Zara leather jacket, Zara denim vest, Forever21 Aztec eagle necklace, D&G men’s wool snood, D&G Miss Pocket bag and Converse all leather hightops.

(Above outfit pics by Carmen on my camera, thanks gurrrrrrl)

Welcome to my second NY post! Woke up extra bright and early on a super sunny but freezing day to trek my frozen ass down to the LES to meet Carmen for brunch at..dun dun dun Clinton Street Bakery! Oh man it is always a definite must-eat if anyone is ever in NY or even if you just live there. It helped that I used to live LITERALLY 2 blocks away from there..the food seriously never disappoints. The only insane thing is waiting for a table (along with the 100000 tourists), especially when it feels like -1000 degrees outside.

It’s almost a sin not to order the pancakes when you’re at CSB. Blueberries are mixed right into the batter and their syrup is like some heavenly next level type of syrup shit. SO GOOD. Along with our stack of pancakes, me and Carmen also shared a huevos rancheros (another one of my favourite dishes OF ALL TIME AT ANY RESTAURANT EVER) (can you tell I love Mexican food?) and a sideorder of sweet potaterrrr fries!

P.S. Also check out Sam’s post for more mouth-watering CSB pics here!

P.P.S. Oh yah so this was the only day that I did an outfit shot and only cos Carmen helped me take them! This was pretty much how I dressed the whole time in NY…thick scarf, black pants and substituting my leather jacket for my thick ass wooly duffle coat.

In the Lower East Side.

Many outfit shots were shot along this street in the early times of my blog ♥

mmm sweet potaterrrrr fries


I seriously cannot resist Mexican food..

My bbgurl Carmen ready to pounce on those pancakes.

Later on in the afternoon, after some quick shopping in Soho and the West Village with Carmen, I headed up to midtown to meet with one of my first ever good friends in NY, RICKYYYYYY REYEZZZZZZ. Him and his best buddy Edwin recently started up this amazing art and design company called I Like New Things and also blog about cool stuff/people that they create, like, meet or whatever! They asked if they could interview me for their blog and of cooooourse I couldn’t say no! I met them up on 30 sth floor of a building in midtown and the view out on the freezing patio was amazing.



Perfect evening sunset.

How awesome is this? When they interview someone, instead of just posting up the photos they took of the person, they illustrate the pictures instead! You guys must read the interview and check out more illustrations here!

And lastly, a pic of downtown NY. Miss you bb♥


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