J.Crew Blythe Silk Blouse, Zara lace silk shorts (similar), Opening Ceremony x Chloe Sevigny moto boots and Mulberry Edie guitar strap bag.

Before flying off to NY, my older sister was in town visiting so we did the family tradition and headed to China Club for lunch. I love love love their weekend dim sum buffet just cos the food itself is so scrumptiousdiddlyumtious and also the fact that they are constantly replenishing and replacing the dishes makes it a no.1 in my books. I’ve heard the cha siu is really good there but alas, pork I eat not. My favourite dish was the spring rolls (took the pork bits out), the peking duck and the daaaaan tat (egg tarts), yum yum yum!

Typical family photos ensued on the China Club rooftop where many awkward family moments took place..and now all I can think about is re-eating those dan tats! How pretty is the DIOR hoarding scaffolding? They’ve extended it even more now and I wish I could just grab a few of these boards when they’re done renovating to put up in my upcoming new apartment!

Me, Mao and Whitterz

The har gao and spring roll of my dreams

Wasn’t joking about the spring rolls…

Black pepper razor clams, giant chinese mushrooms and roasted chicken!

Dessert! Super flakey and super yummy egg tarts! The rest was…not mine

I see youuu

Shooting outside the DIOR hoarding scaffolding at their renovating Landmark store! The purple and white flowers are just like their Haute Couture AW12 Runway show! SO pretty!!

Canon EOS M
How are these photos btw? The lovely people from Edelman PR lent me the Canon EOS M to test for that weekend! I’m not familiar with a Canon being that I’m a Nikon (D5000) user and have always stayed in the Nikon family but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use (because me and technology just go hand in hand). It has all the normal stuff, yknow the different shooting modes: Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter, Program etc but the favourite thing about the camera for me was the touch screen. I’m new to the touch screen thing but I know a lot of cameras have them already. I loved that you can touch to focus on certain points like an iPhone. The macro function, which I look to shoot on a lot, was really great too and even in low light! I was shooting mostly with the 22mm pancake lens so it was the smallest lens but the camera overall was still slightly heavy…but maybe that’s just me, expecting too much from a camera that isn’t as big as a giant DSLR.

Overall, it’s fun to use and pretty great for a new Micro 4/3 camera. The indoor photos as seen below turned out really great but the outfit photos above seem too dark, noting that I DO edit every single pic that goes on here. Perhaps I didn’t master the camera yet! We’re actually in the market for a new camera so it was great to be able to test the Canon EOS M. However..I think I’ll be passing on this one. We’ve settled on something new already and I’ll show you guys later when and if I get it!

Great light and so sharp! (No extra sharpening added)

In “low light” but still pretty good. Check out all of Sumo’s fine silky locks!

Best picture ever taken on the Canon EOS M, my favourite two boys ♥


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