Baggu backpack

I’ve definitely fallen hard for the backpack “trend” but srsly, the freedom my arms have felt since backpackin’ it is comparable to the feeling of eating a really good meal, as in, TOO GOOD. Now my arms are free to hold hands any side I want to, if need be I can easily run without the disruption of a handbag and if I really wanted to, I could easily throw up my party hands *WHOOP WHOOOOP*

So this black Baggu backpack is the perfect blank canvas to DIY. I haven’t DIY-ed anything in a while so this was a super easy one to get myself back into it. I have tons of studs and spikes lying around so luckily I didn’t have to go out and buy new ones just for this. I first considered studding the top bag flap but then realized that studding the pocket would be better so it could help to weigh the bag down. I think this is also the blog-debut of my SUPERWOWOMG badge/pins! TOUGHLOVE and I got them made a while ago and we’ve just been giving them out to friends and family! I’ll be doing a giveaway soon and will definitely add some badges as part of the prize package!

Little touches of HARDCORE STUDS in hidden places


  1. The back pack idea sounds great but I am one of those people who tends to leave their bag open and I have a fear that I will be that person wandering around, leaving a trail of my belongings behind me.

  2. Yay for studs and general all-around awesomeness!

    Backpacks are seriously awesome. Just not when you carry one filled with 203842309 billion books for school :(
    But carrying a backpack can be so freeing! It’s like “wait what…I have two arms to use? awwww yeah” or something like that.
    Maybe it is the freedom to have party hands as you said.
    I clicked that link not knowing what to expect and LOL-ed a little bit. Or a lot.
    I really like the studs you put on your backpack though. They make it just the right amount of tough.
    I would consider studding my backpack too but then I’m scared of accidentally stabbing someone as I run through my crowded school.
    Oh well. I suppose I can admire your backpack through the internet :)

    Anyways, I like the SUPERWOWOMG pin.
    I want one I want one!
    I remember seeing on TOUGHLOVE once that you guys had stickers made. I wanted one of those two!
    I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to enter it.
    I feel like whatever it is that you’re giving away will be awesome.
    I may or may not be sitting on your blog’s doorstep from now until you post that giveaway…. Heehee :)

    Have an awesomepossum day!


    P.S. I just found your sister’s blog yesterday. I can’t believe I didn’t read it before….i was missing out.
    She’s so freaking cute, just like you!
    Why so much amazingness in one family?? <3

  3. Nice diy madness! I’m going to do something to my bagpack too! :)

  4. Interesting DIY — definitely a fan of putting studs and spikes on just about everything!

  5. I remember studding out my school bag when I was going through a grunge (ok, ok emo) phase at school. This is way cooler though and I think studding the bottom part of the bag was a good call!

  6. Your DIY came out so well–it looks really wicked! Another bonus of the studs would be to ward off any potential…robbers that backpacks seem to call out to sometimes. I have to agree about the comfort of them too; at uni everyone has their shoulder bags, but I feel like I’d throw out my should carrying my textbooks and art supplies on one arm!

  7. What a cool bag, no need to spend $34235245334 euros on something you can just do yourself. Pins are a bonus!



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