Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas and New Years?

For me, it was very much not about glamour, champagne or sparkles but all about eating, relaxing and spending time with my family. I can’t believe 2011 is over already..that was definitely a whirlwind of a year. All I can remember about it was tons of stressful days at work (can’t believe this was the first thing that came to mind), meeting great new friends, making life-changing decisions, plenty of great days but a hefty share of ughhhh-kill-me-now days too.

Now that it’s finally 2012, all I can say is that this will be the year of change and hard work both career-wise and definitely life-wise. I hope this year will be full of fun projects and collaborations, using my time wisely, building and strengthening relationships and friendships, focusing on the important stuff and lastly to make sure to be smart and not over-think things. I can’t believe this year I’ll be closer to 30 than 20…oh man sounds insane and so fast and I definitely don’t feel like my age but it just means that real life starts now and I’m just that much closer to becoming a real grandma.

Anyway so I’ve finally gotten round to editing my New York pictures! Surprisingly, I didn’t really take that many pictures. I bought a new 16GB SD card thinking I’d be snapping away but actually, I rarely even whipped out my camera. Between too heavy bags and hands busy eating, I just couldn’t be bothered to take pics really. Out of all 13 days of being there, I only took ONE outfit photo (for another post later). Anyway, New York was amazing..it was just great being there and I missed it so much. Everywhere reminded me of when I was there almost 3 years ago and I was drowning in nostalgia. Anyway I don’t want to blab on too much, might get a bit too sappy so here’s my first (of 4) post on New York.

After spending the first 5 days upstate with Mo and his family living the suburb life (i.e. driving everywhere), relaxing and having yummy home-cooked breakfast, we headed down to the city where I stayed for the next week or so at Jen‘s super cute apartment! (P.S. She makes aaamaaazing cakes so hit her up if you ever need a custom cake!)

First stop: my older sister‘s place to see her big huge baby Baron! In case anyone was wondering, he’s an African Boerbal Mastiff and he’s huuuuge. I think he’s like almost 75kg?

On another day, I went to meet my favourite NY buddy KHOX! She took me out to my favourite restaurant……CHIPOTLE!

omg guys seriously….I miss this SO FKING MUCH.

Khox’s dish!

Later on she took me to this SUPER cute knitting store called PURL Soho. I’ve recently taken 10 steps further into grandma-hood by taking up knitting…but more on that in another post.

SO FLAMING CUTE MUST LEARN HOW TO MAKE BABY PANDAS. These were like thumb size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy the little kit here!

So pretty.

So want to get giant fat ass needles like these.

Earlier I made a quick pit-stop at the newly renovated Cole Haan store on Wooster…but more on that in another post too..

Awesome boobs are awesome.


P.S. Did everyone enjoy CLN’s guest post below? She’s super funny right? I mean, obviously cos we’re fake twins and I generously shared with her some of my funny genes. She also takes super cool nice photos and is blogging about her temporary life in London on her blog: SHA LAI. You all BETTER go read it!


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