By now I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen the new Converse CHUCK II sneakers! They are seriously my new favourite! I’ve already got the black low-top and the white high-top which I’m waiting to wear on a perfectly sunny clean day. Although these are core sneakers, meaning made for the masses, apparently it’s been quite hard to get your hands on a pair just cos they’ve been selling like sweet old delicious hot cakes! Okay but seriously if you guys have the chance, you definitely need to get a pair of the CIIs, the first full upgrade of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor in 98 years! Just the fact that the sneaker has Nike’s Lunarlon insoles..so comfy!!!

We drove the scooter around a few weekends ago and whipped out our wide angle lens to snap some pics for an upcoming collabo feature. I forgot how fun wide angle was! Oh man, when that day comes that we leave Shanghai to move to another city, the one thing I will definitely miss the most is my (I mean “our”) scooter. The convenience just seriously can’t be beat. Like how can anything be better than never being stuck in traffic, never having to stop at a red light (kinda), being able to drive on the road OR on the sidewalk, no rules, no helmet and I always get to be the designated driver (Jason rides bitch but I know he secretly loves it). Okay maybe that all doesn’t sound too fun (or safe) but trust me, getting a scooter in Shanghai completely changed our lives and I just don’t know how we’ll ever adjust to not having one #sadface. Well I guess we’ll just have to see how we survive the no-scooter-life when that time comes then #SERIOUSEXPATPROBLEMS #EXPATLIVING #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS

This is how you pose on a scooter right? #sittingbackwardsiscool

And this is how you model shoes on a scooter right? I got it guys, I got it.

Scheduling them important business meetings..

..and important business calls, duh.

Pitstop at the new Shanghai Brewery on Donghu Lu.

Batman the Scooter, I love you.

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