See I updated so quickly! Ok so I think this will be my last New York-related post! Well..i mean these are the last of my last week in New York ): but at least some awesome Hong Kong pics will be up next!!!

DIY studded leather totebag, H&M organic cotton dress, random belt, Repetto flats

My momo lives on 111th street on the Upper West Side which is quite fancy fancy compared to the artsy Lower East Side that I live at so it’s always a whole different scene when I go up there. We literally live on opposite ends of Manhattan. On this beautiful, yet kinda breezy Saturday, I was a really brave and adventurous girl and I ventured all the way up to Harlem! It was my first and probably my last time going there. Mo says that we weren’t even that high up and that 125th street was barely even Harlem but hey, it’s high enough for me! We trekked all the way up there for Dinosaur’s BBQ. I had never heard of this place before but apparently it’s really famous and well-known? I guess it should be cos the food was amazzzzzing. If you’re not a big PORK eater like me, they also had a great selection of random chicken stuff and some awesome beef dishes too. I opted for what happened to be one of the most expensive dishes on the menu but seriously it was worth it. I had the BBQ Beef Ribs Korean Style. Which is basically 3-bone steak (our favourite) drenched in soy, sesame & garlic sauce and grilled and topped with toasted sesame seeds. YUMMMMM, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

The street mo lives on. SOOO nice compared to our grimey streets.

125th St Station. I’m a big kid now :D

Their specialty sauces.

My amazing steak dish next to mo’s measly little burger. hahaha don’t worry, we shared.


Since it would be our last time in New York for at least a couple of years, we decided that we had to go to Woodbury Commons Outlets at least one more time. Unfortunately, the only good thing there was this kettlecorn hut that had probably the best kettle corn I had ever had AND the largest poofs I’ve ever seen. They popped them fresh right there and if you were lucky (which we were) you’d get a FRESH bag that was still warm and toasty. The guy was really cuties too and when he stirs the kernels he has to wear these huge protective glasses. If any of you ever make it to Woodbury Commons in upstate NY then I HIGHLY recommend you getting some kettlecorn. It’s right by the JCREW store if that helps haha.

Look at the size of those poofs!! Soooo good.

How could I not post a gif right? Hahahah this is the cuties guy mixing up the kernels.

And after they get all popped up and poofy, they get lifted and dumped into this big tub that had a mesh base so that the unpopped kernels would fall through. SMART.


On a totally different note. It’s been the longest while since I’ve posted any like fashion related things..like editorials or runways. Except I just SPAMMED my tumblr with model/fashion pics recently so be sure to follow me :D so anyways I thought it was appropriate to show you my picks from Resort 2010 so far. Everything here I would dieeeeee to have.

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