Zara bleached denim shirt, H&M shorts, Zara leather jacket, H&M fur collar, Frye Harness boots

All jewelry seen before, ask for details if you want.

WOW it’s been a while again huh? I seriously open every post with the same “omg its been so long” sentence. On my previous post I asked whether people preferred these sort of long major zomg-too-many-things-to-look-at posts or if they preferred shorter more succinct updates. I got a pretty much 50/50 sort of response and tbh, I WISH I could update more often..it’s just that I don’t cos i either don’t have anything update-worthy or..I forget..or..I have more important things to do..like eat and sleep :D Oh another thing that people mentioned was that they preferred shorter updates because there would be less photos meaning less loading times and therefore more time to read (LOL yeah sure) but honestly, I love my big giant pictures (which honestly isn’t that large) and isn’t it better to see nice large clear photographs rather than dingy small ones where you can barely see any detail? If the photos are taking too long to load then I really don’t know what to do other than to beg you to please step up your broadband/internet game please. It’s almost 2010 people, come on now.

Anyway, the above outfit was worn literally like a million years ago. The weather in HK is pretty on/off. Like the other day on Christmas Day, I wore a pair of SHORTS with NO TIGHTS out the whole day. Yeah it was THAT hot..but then out of no where, this morning it drops to like 10 degrees Celsius (approx. 50 degrees Fahrenheit) WTF right? I had to pull out my huge woolly eskimo jacket this morning which was warm when I was outside but the seCOND i stepped into the train station and on to the train..it got SO stuffy and HOT in there that I started getting cranky.

Last week one of my longest friend (known her for like what 16 years or so already) came back home for a couple of days so we did the usual get togethers, which mostly consisted of gossiping, laughing (TIM? TIM? TIM? TIN KIN?) and most of all, EATING.

Carol, Julie and Me in Sham Shui Po

Typical Sham Shui Po market.

Our feast at the Korean barbecue restaurant we always go to. SUPER YUMMY short rib. KALBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

And my favourite: Ox Tail soup :D You cringe now but I bet the second I steal that bone and cast it in iron or silver or whatever, everyone and their mother would be all over it huh.

Onto Christmas now. My family definitely celebrates christmas but we don’t go all out with decorations and all that hooplah. This year was also the first year we didn’t get a tree. Nanz was kinda upset about it but the more I think about it, I think it’s good that we didn’t get a tree as we normally only have it up for about a week or two then just end up throwing the poor thing away. Anyhow, every year for the past couple of years already, my family hosts an xmas bbq on our rooftop for family and friends. It’s normally really fun with always too much food. I think the only person who enjoys it the most is Obi cos he gets to mosey around on the rooftop snooping his nose in everyone’s business.

Wow the fire was definitely not purple.

Magical Helie.

On Boxing Day (December 26th for you Americans), we attended one of our best-family-friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was really nice and she looked really really pretty.

Here’s a shot of all us kids: My brother Eugene, my brother-in-law Gavin, my older sister Jeanette, Uncle Chiu (bride’s father), Nanz and lastly me. Lol isn’t Uncle Chiu SO cute in his bowtie hahaha he was like non-stop smiling all morning.

After the wedding, I went back to PB’s place to start our very own celebration. Here’s PB opening up part 1 of his presents (4 parts total). I didn’t get a full pic of everything we got each other but basically he got me tons of CUTE stuff and I got him tons of AWESOME stuff, lol so descriptive.

This was one of my presents. It’s a golden pig hahahaha. He got me everything piggie basically..heahea yay :D

This was part 4 of his presents. I bought and framed two of the WTWTA posters. We actually haven’t seen the movie yet, and I’ve kinda heard mixed reviews about it but regardless, those posters look so amazing and I seriously loved the typography.

We then strolled around Causeway before our epic Christmas Dinner Date (CDD) at……dun dun dun……………CPK! LOL. We love that place and you don’t need to eat at a fancy place to have a super PB date.
Anyway, I had seen these before but yeah I spotted these Chloe-inspired wedges and had to snap a pic for you guys. I gotta admit, us Chinese really do know how to whip up some really awesome “inspired-by” items. They’re not exactly the same as the Chloe wedges and they are definitely a tiny smidgen of the Chloe price but somehow, i still can’t manage to bring myself to buy them. But okay..that’s a total lie cos I’ve been scouring these Causway malls for those Rodarte inspired OTK boots that I posted about previously. I mean I can easily find them everywhere but I’m just looking for the place that sells them the cheapest lol. I don’t exactly wanna be dropping a couple of hundys for an imitation item now do I?

Remember that exciting package that I was twittering constantly about its slow arrival? Well anyway it arrived a couple of weeks ago and in it was my amazing Jeffrey Campbell Clinics from Solestruck! I was so anxious to get these when I first saw the preview on the Oaknyc site. The silver reflective wedge is SO amazing and the height along with the platform makes them SO comfortable to wear. The ONLY problem I had with them was that the shaft of the shoe goes up to an awkward height on me that the zipper in the back behind the ankle KEPT on rubbing against my skin and I ended up with a humungo raw patch behind my ankles. um, gross. I plan on sticking some paddies on there for the next time I wear them, then other than that, I should be good to go! I wore them out that night I got them with a pair of H&M tapered/gathered-at-the-ankles sweatpants that I actually got a million years ago and hadn’t had the guts to wear them out yet (they’re just sweatpants right -.-) and a sequined Zara motorcycle jacket. I thought the outfit wasn’t bad but I always fail to photograph my “clubbing/going-out” outfits cos I’m always running late and never have time to snap some pic pics!

PB also ordered a pair of shoes *tut tut PB*. He finally got his all black suede Clark Desert boots that he’d been wanting for ages.



My favourite part :D

haha so reflective!

So cool (H).

H&M sweater dress, Zara leather jacket, Costume National bag, Vans Authentics, Rayban Wayfarers.

So just cos this post is so overdue, here’s another outfit to fill this post up even more (and make all those slow internet people mad). I wore this the other day on our little family Sunday. My family spends every Sunday together, which may seem like a pain in the butt, but honestly I love it. I love that although my family is a bit messed up, we still always get together on Sundays and spend at least one meal together.

OH yeah and back when I did that “whats in my bag” thing, someone asked me why do I carry around contacts when I don’t even wear them. Well i DO wear contacts, but mostly only when I go out partying or when I want to wear sunglasses, since it costs a fortune to change all my sunny lens’ into prescriptive lens and really it’s SUPER annoying to always have to switch. I really wish I could wear contacts again everyday but…my eye doctor says I really shouldn’t ): My sunglasses collection gone down the drain..or..hovering there for a while until I can afford lasik.

Me, PB and our ignorant friend in the lift.

PB in a Forever 21 flannel, H&M pants and cardigan and Vans canvas boat shoes.

Lulz, Cutie Lil Ninz (CLN) wearing my dad’s Chinese-professor/Harry-Potter glasses.



Lastly, the lovely people over at Blue is in Fashion this Year did a little didly thing about safety pins and decided to include my necklace in there. They do these mega collages of a certain item (like safety pins, or gold dresses etc) and scour blogs for all the images.

Click to view the feature!

Click image above!

I hope you girls have been visiting my other blog LADYLIKE regularly. We just did an amazing holiday giveaway (8 days, 8 prizes!) and have SOO much awesome-ness in store for 2010. Please bookmark us and make sure you read up Ladylike daily for all things fashion, make up and everything else Ladylike!

So I’m sure you probably noticed my new layout..heahe how are you guys liking it so far?? I’m more into the minimalistic approach: less clutter, more organization. If there’s anything you guys would like to suggest then feel free :D

Don’t say a word, just come over and lie here with me
‘Cause I’m just about to set fire to everything I see
I want you so bad I’ll go back on the things I believe
There I just said it, I’m scared you’ll forget about me.

My new favourite John Mayer song – Edge of Desire


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