Saint James Galathée top from JCrew.com, Topshop Leigh jeans (Seriously the best jeans ever), DIY Baggu backpack and Cole Haan 3M Reflective Maliya wingtips (different colour here).

Been super busy lately even though majority of my time has been spent at home. Been working on important freelance projects, training my dog Sumo (follow him on instagram and twitter!) and just trying to squeeze in lots of friend time and boyfriend time. A much much much needed quick weekend getaway to Taiwan is coming up really soon with my Brew&Post family and I’m so super super excited. Good thing we have two resident Taiwanese girls in our group to show us all the coolest and more importantly, yummiest spots! We also have something a little special planned for the trip so can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Another couple more weeks of working hard, a quick weekend Taiwan break and a few more months until I’m off to New York for one of my bestfriend’s Indian wedding! Eeeepp gotta start saving up! Oh and a quick thanks to everyone for all the support for Brew&Post! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram, twitter, weibo and especially facebook!!

I’ve been at home a lot for the past few weeks and trying to find fun things to do (in between working my ass off to survive this freelance life). A few months ago we went to an event where they served this amazingly delicious spicy fishy mayo sauce over some extra crispy fries and since, I’ve been so determined to recreate it. I figured out the basic ingredients and method but my version turned out slightly more watery than I would’ve like it to be. It’s basically three ingredients: Kewpie mayo, tobiko fish roe and S&B nanami togarashi (assorted Japanese chili powder) and you just blend them altogether. Adjust the quantity of each as per personal preference. Before serving, I just sprinkled a ton more chili powder on top and mixed it in with a spoon. Like I said, the mixture came out slightly more watery than I’d hoped so I think next time I’m just going to hand mix it instead of using the blender…hmmmm I guess it’s back to experimenting!


  1. Love that third photo of you! Have fun in Taiwan and eat loads of street food :P

  2. Hello Denise!
    I hope your weekend went well :)

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been working your hiney off…I hope it all ends up working out for you!
    At least you have a trip to Taiwan coming up as well as one to New York. I’m so jelly of you…I spent part of my childhood in Taiwan and I would absolutely LOVE to go back since I haven’t been in forever. As for New York, what person doesn’t want to go to the big apple?? :)

    I can’t wait to hear about all your fun adventures in Taiwan with the Brew&Post family since you guys are all too coolio.
    And as for something special, OOOOH OOOH tell me what it is!! Please? Pretty please? :D

    Have an awesome week!
    Keep rocking girl <3

    The Ace of Hearts

    P.S. Ooooh I love how cute and flushed your cheeks are in these pictures. That third picture is too cute. You look like a little doll!!

  3. YAY TO TAIWAN! I could use all your tips on where to go/eat/shop/do cos I’m going in Dec, first timer noobie :D

  4. are u still are with your boyfriend from NYC? you look great !(you always do :))

  5. ahh aawesome post! love the photos! love your hair colour!

  6. I’m so glad i found your blog. Your style looks simple and very wearable, yet you managed to look really cool. And i love the hair. Following you now.

    From the desk of
    a lifestyle blog from Jakarta

  7. Good luck with all the work you’ve been doing/have to do and have a wonderful time in Taiwan!!

  8. Can you please make more of that sauce before Taiwan?! Can’t wait for the Indian wedding outfit post.

  9. you are soo preeetty, d!
    and i hope you are going to taiwan before october 1st so i can read up on all the cool places to shop + eat before i go!!

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