Urban Outiftters scallop-hem shorts, Cotton On tshirt, Uniqlo belt, Prada flats and Miu Miu satchel.
Standing on invisible heels~

I seeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jewellery: Pedder Red skull necklace, DIY black cross, random + H&M rings, Tag Heuer Watch and random bracelets.

I’m writing to you from the future!!!! I’ve scheduled this post to go up whilst I’m away enjoying my much-needed holiday in Singapore. Hopefully this scheduled thingy works out cos the last time I tried..it just posted right away -.-

I’d been dyyyyyyyyying for scallop-hem shorts for a while now every since Chloe Sevigny rocked that amazing Chloe blazer and shorts with the straw hat (I’m sure you don’t need a visual..I bet we’ve all saved that same pic on our computer). I also tweeted that this was the first time in probably years that I’m wearing a belt for aesthetic as opposed to funcitonal reasons. I wore my skinny leopard ponyhair belt (that I bought from Uniqlo 100 years ago-gosh I’m just so hip) over my scallop shorts. You can tell the belt is super old cos all the ponyhair has flattened out and is fading off at the front. I’m so in love with those long (skinny) belts that are twisted into cute knots so I’ve been wearing my belt like this lately :D

This outfit was NOT taken on my mama’s birthday, but here are some photos from her big day anyway. We had her birthday dinner at Jardin de Jade which is just a fancy French name for a Shanghainese restaurant -.- The food was guhhhhhhhhhhhhhmayzzzzaaaannngggggg except their suen lat tong (hot&sour soup) was unfortunately abysmal~ It was neither suen (sour) or lat (hot) which equals epic Fail.

Hey, cute buns!

guhhh, smoked duck!

some chunks of beefy heaven on a bone on a plate

gagagagahahah her eyebrows are excited!

Pretty sure my brother’s popping his ass out in this pic

Just the girls~

Mama with her birthday present! We all pitched in and got her a Moschino leopard print silky/chiffon scarf

Mama and us!

blogger tag_aug10_LO

Oh! Forgot to mention: I was contacted by Sportsgirl in Australia to do a little tag thingie! They’re currently running a campaign called “Go Global” showcasing fashion from all over the world and so they’ve tagged me to do this little questionnaire thingie:

How would you describe style in your city?
Hong Kong is super fashionable. People here are always on point with trends and there’s a great mix of styles influenced from Japan, England, Hippies/Boho-look and lots of hip-hop as well.

Describe your personal style:
Ugh I never know how to answer this! I’d like to think that I’m a really girly tomboy…? I like to dress casual but play up my outfit with tons of accessories and, when needed, a killer pair of shoes.

Post a picture that sums up the place you live to you….

If Hong Kong were a song, what would it be?
The end bit of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk, when it starts to get really fast and high-pitchy.

The best thing about living where I live is…
Great food, great fashion and great friends.

What 3 pieces would all Hong Kong girls have in their closet?
1. Cute flats (lots of uneven floors and lots of shopping in HK)
2. ONE thing (ANYthing) from Louis Vuitton
3. SHORTS (for the sweltering heat in the Summer!)

What is your favourite piece from the latest collections at Sportsgirl ?
This amazing knit for winter paired with these great heeled desert boots (dying!)

Tag three of your fave bloggers & send them the tag and questions.
Jess, Alice and Annabel T (lol please grab the pic from here)



  1. I think I’d want to be really good friends with your family, kan i kan i?
    The first photo basically summarizes bf-shooting-outfit-pics part of this whole act of blogging, I love how he’s sitting down hahaa mine kneels MUAHEHHE

  2. I think your Momma is super cute + cool! Haaa and hey, welcome (back) to Singapore… though I’m sure nothing much has changed since the last time you were here, same ol’ same ol’ humid, tiny little dot ;)

  3. Aw love the family pic! Looks like an amazing meal and those shorts are seriously amazing! I like belts knotted like that too, it looks pretty doesn’t it? Anyway, enjoy your holiday in Singapore!

  4. awwww your mom is SO cute. that gif is the best! her eyebrows really do get excited, lol!
    and omg you were so stylish 10 years ago because you totally had a leopard print belt, and on top of that it was pony hair!! lucky!!

    have fun in singapore. or… i hope you’re having fun in singapore!
    p.s. thanks for tagging me in the sportsgirl interview thing! i’ll post mine up soon!

  5. awwh reading your blog makes me miss hong kong so much :( this is my last year of college in US then i am graduating then i am moving back homee.
    ditto on all the great food and great fashion, seriously can’t find it anywhere elseee!
    have fun in singaporeee :) eat more and shop more hah!

  6. Haha, your mom is ADORABLE! And how sweet of you all to pitch in and get her a nice present! :D Y’all are so cute.

  7. haha you tagged me. now i gotta do a fashion related post, lol. it’s been a while since i posted something about fashion. not that i don’t browse the internet for clothes, like, everyday! :P

    WEE those scalloped shorts look CUTE in real life! i thought it kinda looked shabby for the amt they were charging, but whatever. they’re cute. as is your momma and the buns ;) love her scarf you guys got her. she’s so stylo. my mother doesn’t understand fashion.

  8. Looks like a great celebration! Belated birthday wishes to you mom! You guys look so chic together, love the scarf that you got for your mom and your scalloped hemmed shorts, I am going nuts for anything ‘scallopy’ too!! :D

  9. Hello future Denise! Cute scalloped shorts…. scalloped potatoes… Your fam is so sweet too- I hope you’re having fun in Singapore- it’s probably steamier there than here. And I’m missing something from LV too except seeing the line up outside of the TST store turns me off. I’d rather get a new camera lens! :)


  11. hey denisssse,
    i’m in kowloon tong. the only close thing to me is a giant mountain and festival walk haha. for the time being I’ll be here for four months minimum, hopefully with random trips to other places. sighhhhhy. if you and/or sha are ever freeee let me know, would absolutely love to have a meal with you two :)

    (this might be a bit late, but no one else has said it, so… happy birthday to your mom!)

  12. Ooh your mum’s cake looks yummy! (: Love your belt btw, super cute!!

  13. Ooh have fun on your holiday!! Your mom looks soo happy (well, you all do) in these pictures :)! I reallllllly like your outfit in the first picture, the belt, the necklaces, the shorts, YES PLEASE! :)

  14. I love to see your family altogether in photos, your mommy must be so proud to have three beautiful children. I think I’m growing old, I peer at family portraits when I go to my friend’s houses and make all these comments and sound as tho I’m an orphan sometimes.

  15. u’re really adorable! love coming here and reading ur posts, and oh the satchel is beautiful!
    hmmm…and sportsgirl’s tagging idea is pretty smart. guessing that they’re trying to go international and spreading their name now

  16. Wow I really love your outfit…the grey sweater with the leopard print belt!!

  17. awww your mom is too cute!!

  18. Stylish family! Remember to show us pics from your SG trip!

  19. awwwwwwwww i love your blog, it’s simply the best, and i thought you had heels on o.O maaaan so stupid.

  20. your family and you look so lovely :)
    love the shorts btw, soooo cool!

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