H&M Pleated slit skirt and tanktop, Zara leather jacket, Chanel handbag and Vans Eras.

So here’s an instant update with some photos that just happened no more than 2 hours ago! Super speedy huh? Which is like a first for me!

Went to go meet my girlfriends at the super yums Linguini Fini at The L Place, where Christing and Dan joined us later on. The spot used to be one of my faaaaaaaaaaavourite restaurants, Cantopop (which I’m sure everyone who follows me on twitter/instagram knowsss how much I love) and has now been taken over and expanded by one of their sister restaurants, Linguini Fini. They serve a great mix of homey Italian/Western food (uhh..calamari and buffalo wings!!!) and the environment is just so relaxed and chill there. Today the service at the new downstairs area was so-so..not that the waiters weren’t extra friendly..which of course they were, just that the food took way longer than it should’ve taken to get into our hungry bellies! I always enjoy the food there or at any other ihm restaurant cos they use all homegrown foods and all natural ingredients and it helps that everything is actually really affordable!

I stopped by early for Happy Hour (2 for 1 drinks yay!) and throughout the night me and my friends (4 of us) shared TWO mini plates of LF buffalo wings, TWO plates of fried calamari and….TWO pizzas!!! Well…we WERE there for like almost 4 hours so….we get hungry when we’re sipping on a million different cocktails!! The drinks there are really affordable too (about $58 per glass) and the best one (out of all the millions that we ordered) was the Good Thyme Lemonade which has gin (my favourite old lady alcohol), thyme sugar and fresh lemon..mmmm I think I had like 6 glasses of these? aahahah well…heavy drinking and being able to hold our liquor runs in my’s a gift and a curse really…le sigh.

The weather’s been kinda up and down lately…some days semi-cold but yesterday was just down right sweltering! It was so hot that it felt like Summer was back..which I actually hate…Today was nice though, just wore a tank and my trusty old leather jacket.

Good Thyme Lemonade!

omg super yumz calamari!

mmmmmm my fave LF buffalo wings!!

plenty of drinks..

The Bianco pizza!!

Fat sausage fingers!

Fun times

And lastly, I FINALLY got my phone fixed! I posted on my instagram/twitter just over a month ago that I dropped my phone and smashed the screen while running up my hill with that naughty little Obi dog. It took me so long to finally get it fixed and now it feels like I’ve got a brand new phone! I’ve never looked through anything clearer!

Okay going to be spending a hopefully extremely fun day tomorrow with my sister NANZIKINZ and my mama! Hope everyone in Hong Kong has a great holiday break for Chinese New Year! Make sure to eat lots and spend tons of time with family! Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂!


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