Jil Sander men’s cropped top, Toga Pulla pleated skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim men’s fur collar wool biker jacket (all above available at JOYCE) and Converse x Margiela Chuck 70s hightop sneaker

We’re definitely trying to step up our photography game for our blogs: rushing to catch magic hour (or golden hour as some people call it) and saving up thousands for a new camera. When it comes to narcissism shopping, it’s so hard to decide priorities: do I get a new handbag first..or a camera..which is the same price as a handbag..or these shoes…or what about a new computer (check!)..or even save up for a holiday? Blogging is so weird and narcissistic but the key to surviving (life and everything else) is not thinking about things too much. Like babies for example. Babies are so they just poofed (9 months later) out of no where. How insane is that? But remember the key is to not think about it, just let it happen (no I’m not pregnant). I’ve found myself saying “How is that a thing?!” so often lately..but as long as you’re surrounded by the right people..and by right people I mean NO BAD VIBES PLEASE..then you’ll be alright. Three things I always remind myself to do: Feel lucky, stay humble and work hard. Bad vibes be gone.

How fluffy and amazing is this 3.1 Phillip Lim men’s coat? I just want to roll around in a ball of fluff wearing this gorgeous jacket that’s clearly 10 sizes too big..and don’t even get me started on this super comfy Jil Sander MEN’s CROP TOP. Mens..crop top..okay just go with it! We shot these photos in a mini city jungle (um outside our apt lobby) for JOYCE STYLE ICON campaign which is running alongside the opening of the latest JOYCE boutique in iAPM Mall in Shanghai. Vote for my look here!

Side note: I’ve totally become one of those people that is definitely on a Buzzfeed list somewhere that has transformed from an I to a We for everything. We do this, we like there, we went there, we blog this #wewewe #ohwell #dontcare #donthate #hashtag #watchthis

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