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DETAILS: Filming and editing by Carmen Chan, Location courtesy of Hotel Icon, Song by Naked and Famous, video help by Derek Ho and Denise Lai.

So by now you’ve heard me sort of mention about something called Brew&Post!

What is it? Basically it’s a digital content company that 6 bloggers (including myself) has created together and we write about Fashion, Style and Lifestyle in Asia. We come together and write in our own personal POV to help promote each other as well as brands to a wider target audience through collaborations and projects. The difference with us is that we started out as a really tight group of friends and then created this network as opposed to 6 strangers meeting each other to start a business. And yes we really do hang out with each other all the time (weird tumblr question I always get).

You’ll definitely see more of Brew&Post in the future and especially next week is going to be huge for us! We’re all really excited about this little adventure we’re on together and hope you’ll join us for all the fun! Please please please take the time to check out our website that I built and hope you all enjoyed the video above.

Brew&Post! Derek and Melinda from Ztylistas, Christing from Fashion Hedonism, JJ from theWanderlister+, Carmen (and Ken!) from How I Met Your Style, Me! and lastly, Jason from TOUGHLOVE.

The girls!

The boys!

We Social media cray cray!

INTENSE SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please check out!!!!!!!

Hong Kong is such a small place that it’s super easy to get caught up in everyone’s business. It’s always good to be aware and to know what’s happening around you and what’s happening with your peers but at some point you just have to step back and just observe without getting involved. It’s so easy to get affected by what other people are saying about you or to wonder if they’re even saying anything at all. It’s better just to be the bigger person, the more mature one and just step back and say “you kids deal with it”. Not everyone can be how you think they should be so when you find that group or those special few that really get you and you vibe great with them then it’s easy to just forget the others, or at least you should try to. Sha always says don’t get caught up (in the numbers) and to not partake in petty pettiness, so BRB, rising above.



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