Barbour Bedale jacket, A Bathing Ape x Head Porter tote bag (similar), DIY Uniqlo jeans (similar) and Converse Chuck II sneakers.

A couple of years ago, Jason decided to start investing in timeless pieces that he (and I) could wear well into the future and of course, really minimizing the cost per wear. I’ve mentioned this before too that him and I share a lot of clothes (especially sweaters and outerwear) so whenever we’re shopping for something, we keep each other in mind and it’s such a money saver which means it allows us to invest in something a tiny bit more pricey (or so we tell ourselves!). So enter the Barbour Bedale jacket. I’d been wanting one for a while too and so we ended up picking this one up a while ago in Hong Kong before we left for Shanghai. The Bedale style is obviously made for men but with a slightly fitted body and a basic unisex look, why would I care and when do I ever about wearing men’s/Jason’s clothes anyway. I like that I can still picture myself in 20 years, probably white hair-ed and still always complaining about the weather, still wearing this jacket and hopefully still with black ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers. Apparently you can even have your Barbour jacket sent into the company for a re-waxing where they coat the outside of the jacket in a fresh layer of wax for optimum waterproofness.

Shanghai has been going through a serious slump of rain and thunder and clouds. My friend Cat even mentioned how depressing it could get just from literally not clearly seeing the sun in a couple of weeks. We usually just get some murky sunny beams through dirty grey clouds. And when it IS sunny, the worst thing is that Shanghai for SOME DAMN REASON is famous for being really nice and sunny during the week but the second Friday night or Saturday morning rolls round, it’ll start to downpour and will stay gloomy all weekend until Monday comes round and it’s god damn sunny again! So very frustrating but as long as I got my Barbour jacket and my sweet BAPE x Head Porter waterproof carry-all tote that we picked up in Tokyo, then I’m ready to take on this damn Shanghai rain.

*Always half asleep…*


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