L-R, T-B: Carrera 6000 reflective, Sunpocket Sport Tortoise, Henry Holland x LeSpecs Muffin Top, H&M white and orange rim, Waiting for the Sun Une Black, Rayban Wayfarer and Cheap circle sunglasses from Taiwan.

I guess you could say I’m pretty well known around these streets as “that girl with those glasses”, to the point that people sometimes don’t even know it’s me if I’m not wearing my glasses. I started wearing glasses permanently about 5 years ago now because I had some fucked up eye problem and wasn’t allowed to wear contacts anymore. What bummed me out most was not that I had to actually wear glasses everyday, but that I wouldn’t be able to wear sunglasses as easily/often anymore. I had just begun collecting sunglasses at that point so I was severely bummed that I wouldn’t be able to wear my prized possessions. Fast forward a couple of years and now I’m allowed to wear contact lenses occasionally which is about once a week or a few times every other week.

Anyway, so here’s a small curated selection from my main collection of sunglasses that are on heavy rotation nowadays. There are a couple of sunglasses that I’ve been dying to add to my collection and the top top top one on my list are the Céline Audrey! How fun are the pics below? I shot them in the garden around my house!

Rayban Wayfarer / Waiting for the Sun Une Black (My newest addition!!)

Cheap round ones from Taiwan / Henry Holland x LeSpecs Muffin top

Carrera 6000 reflective / Sunpocket Sport II Tortoise shell with reflective lens

H&M with bright orange rim.


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