Zara denim vest, F21 white tee, H&M bandage skirt, Do It Yo’self studded H&M bag by ninz, Converse.

DIY Necklace, laundry, Dehumidifier.

H&M leather bracelets, Bottega Veneta braided double strap bracelet, G-Shock x IN4 watch, Artini Ring.

I’ve been so sick of my wardrobe lately and browsing Zara or H&M at least 3 times a week isn’t helping with wardrobe envy. Even I surprise myself at the number of times I walk into Zara or H&M per week, but really they’re easily accessible, they’re indoors with aircon and unless you go somewhere out of the way, they’re the best medicine for shopping-addicts.

On another note, I’ve just recently finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I freaking loved it so so so so much and ALMOST cried MULTIPLE times whilst reading it on the train on my way to work. It’s so touching and was a really great read. I really really recommend everyone read it BEFORE the movie comes out on Aug 14th (US) or Sept 24th (HK). I’ve watched the trailer a couple of times and some things I feel may be off but I’m still really excited to see it :D Rachel McAdams looks sooo pretty in the trailer and that little girl who plays the young Claire is so so so cute. Now that I’ve finished my book (and also finished LocoRoco2 on my psp), does anyone have any recommendations for a new book to read? I’m pretty open to diff genres except murder/detective books. I get too scared if I’m reading them by myself ):

Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck with the job hunting. I’m actually freelancing right now for a web design company which is why I have been so behind on blogging and reading blogs but today is finally Saturday and I’m home all day until dinner. I now reminisce on the days a few weeks ago when I would stay home for like 72 hours, lounging in my yammies and watching endless episodes of Friends with bubby. However, on a more positive note for my job-hunt, I just had an interview yesterday, I have another one on Monday AND another one on Wednesday so hopefully at least ONE of those 3 will be successful!! Particularly I really want the job I’m interviewing for on Monday but I’m a little scared/anxious because it’s a super successful Hong Kong clothing company and my Cantonese is really really not put it in plainer words: I sound like a foreigner trying to speak Cantonese. My vocab is okay but my accent is all off and I always get funny looks and even one time I called a restaurant in NY to place an order for Chinese food and the lady LOL-ed at my accent, le sigh. Anyways SO I really hope I get at least one job so that I can finally repay my mom for LIFE and finaaaally redo my wardrobe!

So apart from working and scrounging for money, I did happen to score two things from Zara recently. Lately, I have been lusting after some Zara items more than H&M which surprises me cos I am self-proclaimed H&M-Obsessed.

Scored this Zara vest on sale for just hk$159 (about us$19), which is the one I’m wearing in my outfit photos. I’m so happy I found this cos I was just about to cut up an old denim jacket I had..but I felt a little bad cos it’s a pretty expensive denim jacket. Good thing I didn’t take the plunge.

HOW awesome is this mini bucket bag!! It’s actually from Zara TRF I believe and the second I saw it I was like “OMG MINE!” The strap is really cool, they’re just looped through the giant eyelets so you can have the strap long, or pull them together and have them short enough for your shoulder and I love that they’re two different kinds of chains/straps. The little baby studs are so cute too, although they did get caught on my chiffon dress last night (grrrr).

Previously I had mentioned something about a jewelry project of mine so here’s a sneak peak of a pile of stuff I’ve made recently.

AND finally, here is the first half of answers to all the questions that you guys asked. I loved some of the random questions haha and I kind of enjoyed the giveaway thing so I do plan on doing another one soon!! Stay tuned :D

shen-shen: how would you describe your style?
This is such a hard question to answer really..seeing that I don’t think anyone could really be pinpointed into ONE style. I guess I could just say that I love basics, solid colours and maybe some prints every now and then. I’m really casual and I hate wearing things where I have to keep fussing with it so that it would stay in place or so that it would stay down (which has actually been happening to me alot lately -.-). I really really love accessories, which is probably why I appreciate simple/plain clothes to highlight all my accessories including handbags and shoes. Okay I guess that’s a good enough explanation?

nikki: what is your biggest fashion pet peeve?
I have a strong hatred for jeans under dresses, kitten heels and those big foam flipflops

chloe: Where is your favorite place to travel? Country, city- doesn’t matter. What’s your favorite spot to be in when you want to get away from it all?
Well if I could go anywhere now, I suppose my top 5 choices would be Paris, London, Sweden, Langkawi (Malaysia) and back to New York. If i had the money, if I ever wanted to just get away for the weekend or something I’d probably just head to Bangkok/Phuket since it’s so close and cheap to fly there!

lady jessus: I was wondering what made u decide u didnt want/ couldnt continue staying in US and also when / how did u decide that this is the career u wanted to pursue
Well I’m not a US Citizen/Resident so legal issues like Visas and what not made it really anonying/difficult for me to stay in the US, and I decided to come back home to Hong Kong because I love it here. My family and all my bestfriends are here and despite what some people think, I loooove living at home. It’s comfortable, familiar and I’d miss my mama and my dogs if I were away for too long. The job market here is really suffering right now but it’s suffering in NY too and comparatively, I think it’s easier to get a job in a city where there are only say 6000 unemployed graphic designers, as opposed to in NY where there are probably like 20,000 unemployed graphic designers.

I’ve been quite artistic (or so I guess I think I was) since I was really young and really enjoyed being creative with paint and colours as opposed to writing or music and so I never even considered one of those jobs where all I’d be doing is writing or reading. I only really thought about graphic design as a job when I first left for America, where at first I was going to major in Music Management (whudddd). I have been playing with Photoshop or PaintShopPro (whuddup!) since I was about 13 or 14 and had been making websites since I was about 12 so I definitely enjoyed working on the computer in those programs and such but I guess I never considered a career in the field until I was about 18.

shila: what is your favorite for breakfast? :D
oooo i could really do with blueberry pancakes or waffles with syrup..but normally the old usual like toast and butter/peanut butter satisfies me.

Iman Mohamed: what’s your fave movie, and why (it can be more than one)
I think my super super most super favourite movie would have to be My Neighbour Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki)!!!!!

lena: What made/inspired you to pursue fashion as a career?
Aaaactually, I don’t work in fashion at all! I’m actually a graphic designer. I mean I’d love to work in a fashion house but I would be in the graphics/art directing department as opposed to anything else.

annabel: what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever worn?
Ummm….actually I was just discussing this today with my bf. I used to have a pair of bright Fanta orange nylon-ish baggy pants that had like elastic at the ankle to make them balloonish and I’d wear them with my white and metallic blue striped Adidas superstars. YEAH WADDUP 2000!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha that’s probably not the weirdest thing I’ve worn but probably the UGLIEST thing I’ve ever worn.

lin: What piece do you cherish the most in your closet? What is its significance to you? and Why?
Hmm I don’t really have ONE thing that I cherish the most I love all my clothes equally haha. Okay seriously I’ve been reading this question for ages and I can’t think of anything!! Sorry!!

trina; Your pictures are great, so have you ever taken a photography class?
Actually I’ve never taken a photography class. I like to just play around with things but I guess being a graphic designer and pretty much living in photoshop helps alot.

nina: whats one thing that inspires you that is out of the ordinary? how long does it take for you to put your outfits together
I get inspiration from……………everything around me…like the city buildings, the people and the hours and hours I spend online. I guess that wasn’t very out of the ordinary but yah! Normally while I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep I’ll plan my outfit for the next day. Usually there’s a backup outfit too incase the first one isn’t as amazing as I imagined it would be. If I don’t plan my outfit the night before it can take anywhere from 15 mins to way over an hour when I’m having a bad outfit day ):

AGAIN this has been an EXTRA LONG POST..with again, LOTS OF WRITING lol I dunno I really really do tend to babble on alot. Okay I better stop myself. I just wanted to ask what do you guys think of the new layout??!?! I’m so happy I finally got round to transferring my blog to my own domain. I love that I can easily customize it now and I find playing around with the css and stuff really fun. I just wanted to ask if anyone had any comments/criticism/suggestions that I can do to the layout. Are the pictures too big??? Just lemme know! Thanks!!!


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