it's getting c-c-c-c-c-ooold!


So it’s been a while since I did a good update, but it’s been getting cold and I’m starting to just pile on as many layers as possible…sad ): Other than the cold, school work has been slowly driving me insane, which is understandable since I play all week and always leave my homework till the night before. That’s why it’s 3.51am right now and I’ve only just finished an Art History paper and felt the need to suddenly update my dying blog.

The other day I wore my Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes with socks but my tootsies were still coat. Me and Mo share flannel shirts so we always just trade.

I was NOT impressed with the cold ):

We went for pizzas at Rosario’s across from where I live and it was soooo yum.

So silly.


This is my new coat, you can’t really see all of it but it’s pretty long, just hits above my knees and has 2 toggles to keep me up bundled up. The hood is awesome, I can now live out my dreams of longing to be an eskimo.

That day we went to meet Kayiu and Adam for lunch at Pho Bang (um, awesome.). It was sooo cold so it was super nice to have HOT NOODLES for lunch. Mo picked up a coffee on the way from this awesome place called Roasting Plant on Orchard Street where you can make a custom blend of beans so that you have your own special blend.

At Pho Bang (Mott Street):

The aftermath.


Today we went in to school for an AIGA Student Group Open Crit, which unfortunately zero turn out. But we did get to dine at the Pratt Diner which Mo loves.

Probably hungry and sleepy.

What ponderous poses.

Silly Kho!


The other day I got these super cheap Forever21 total loubie ripoffs! They were cheap so whatevz. I haven’t worn them out yet, but I am expecting serious pain even after a short time wearing them so I will be on hand and ready with tons of bandaids and lots of people to lean on.


Ups and downs are part of all relationships. Click for bigger.



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