Dress from Monki, Susan Sng crucifix pearl necklace, Chanel purse, “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy (2008)” POW scarf from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) and Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 boots.
Yes yes yes another “event” post…I thought I’d already posted this up but then I remembered I hadn’t told you guys about how awesome my Slices pizza was so I mustn’t have posted yet. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we headed out to the brand new JOYCE boutique in Lee Gardens to celebrate the opening of the new store and the launch of NY based photographer Erik Madigan Heck’s latest book January to August. The new JOYCE store has a little less PIZZAZZ than the other branches but that’s no matter when the clothes and shoes they carry do all the PIZZAZZING for them! It was great seeing my usual BBs (blogger buddies) and visually stalking all the amazingly (and eccentric) dressed people who came out to play just for Joyce!

So how cool is my silk scarf? It’s hard to tell but it’s basically hot pink with neon yellow POW graphics all over in the style of the 60s Batman tv show/comics. Me and Nanz bought it when we went to the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit hosted by the Costume Institute at the Met museum in NY in 2008. I was thinking how I could incorporate the punch of colour into my monochromatic outfit and so I just tied it on my bag and that was that! I’ll try to get a better pic of the scarf laid out for you guys soon :)

Oh and make sure you check out some super stylish people at the JOYCE Cast Your Vote site facebook page! (Seriously, I never see anyone like this in HK on the regular…where are they all hiding!??!?!) and check out the pics of the winners’ photographs by Erik Madigan Heck here.

Honestly, one of my favourite parts of going to these events is the invite even before the party starts! How amazing is this laser etched wooden invite? JOYCE always sends out such cool ones!

Me, mom and an awesome cat bag!


With Jack from Joyce/The Yours

Owl beer!

Carmen’s pic

(All above photographs by Carmen Chan <3, below by me)

My pic!

Cool girl, cool top and cool lips

Tania, Cindy and I – Trying to take more photos WITH people nowadays…

Very cool tromp l’oeil knitted backpack

Mary Katrantzou (who I saw but didn’t meet yesterday cos I was too darn shy and didn’t know what to say! More on that later..)

Omg LOVED this guys cap…who actually inspired me to make my spike headband..which you would’ve seen if you’re following me on instagram: SUPERWOWOMG!

And lastly…Erik Madigan Heck’s latest book!

OOH YAH forgot to tell you about Slices Pizza again! Okay next time….hehehe


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