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Topshop flocked jeans, COS mesh panel tee, Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Palladium Pampa boots and Sunpocket reflective sunglasses.

These Palladiums are the perfect stomping around boots and they’re light as fuck! It’s like wearing two blobs of air on your feet, except these blobs are made for stomping in snow/rain/mush/gush/goo/poo. These pics make me miss Taipei so much! Definitely want to go back soon, even if just for the baos and Mister Donut! However, any time spent in any country on holiday will always be treasured. Our next mini-stop? Beijing! And then after that….New York! So excited! I think I’ll definitely be packing these monkey-climbing boots with me since they’re so light and perfect for that unexpected impromptu NY rain/snow. Can’t wait! The next few weeks better hurry their ass up!

Little people are cool too.


  1. These might be exactly the boots I’ve been looking for, literally two days ago!

  2. I’m a bit on the heavy side like you or “big boned” they but say, but I love fashion.
    You inspire me to tap into my creative side and be more fashionable.
    Thank you for inspiring me. So long are the day of heroin chic.

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