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Monki blouse (old but get a similar one here), Topshop Leigh jeans, Givenchy Sharktooth Lanyard necklace (wooden tooth on metal chain version here), mata hari Amy metallic clutch and Christian Louboutin (suede version here)

Last week the Karen Walker Candybar made its way to our humble little Hong Kong and celebrated the little pop-up store at Hong Kong’s resident cool shop Liger. There are two KW Candybars that will be traveling the world to certain cities carrying the latest collection of eyewear as well as some limited edition pieces! Although I wear glasses almost everyday, I have such a soft soft spot for sunglasses so it was really exciting to see the new KW collection and to pick up a pair from one of the current seasons. Thanks DSTRT!

The party at Liger was fun and intimate, basically just trying on the cool sunglasses and snacking on super yums food from Yardbird, whilst pretending to be in cool disco music videos. Let me skip right past everything to the coolest part of this blog post: The Givenchy Shark Tooth Lanyard necklace! Yep, you heard it right! I went all out with the Givenchy shark tooth, matching it with my favourite mata hari amy metallic clutch, metallic on metallic on metallics! The most common comment about the shark tooth was “Is that a flask!??! NO?? OMG it TOTALLY should be!!!!!” hahaha anyway I’m sure more outfit posts from Jason and I will feature that necklace soon! And to answer the many questions I’ve received about the shark tooth:
1. Nope it’s not a silver underwear-shaped necklace, 2. Nope it’s not a flask (although it should be), 3. Nope it’s not heavy, and 4. Nope I don’t know where else you can get it but I do know of this magical resource called GOOGLE.

Don’t forget to check out my #ddtv video below of us playing with some sunglasses and generally being stupid and fun!

Also, I randomly have a pic up on Hilary Tsui’s blog and Kevin Poon’s blog so make sure you check out their posts!

Click here to watch the video on Vimeo! | Filmed by Jason, edited by me.

In walks JJ with an instant #jjpose

ANY time there’s a high-force fan around: instant music video.

Brew&Post boys: JJ from The Wanderlister+ and Jason from TOUGHLOVE.

Backpack buddies! Herschel vs. Nanamica. Sorry JJ but I think Nanamica always wins!

Karen Walkers for trying on!

Christing and I in our favourite picks!

Good god the french fries with Japanese mayo from Yardbird were so flaming good.

And what did we do after? HOTPOT of course! #whatsnew #nothingreally #hongkongsfinest


  1. NNTSS NTTSSS!!! those fries were zoooo deelishussss. fun tiimmmessss!

    p.s. i like how i’m always trying to fix your baby hairs.

  2. you guys look like so much fun and I seriously love that you guys spend so much time together over eating as well!!

  3. i am super jealous of you! i seem to never be able to find karen walker sunglasses anywhere in HK!

  4. Why so much cuteness Denise?

    First of all that necklace is GODLIKE. It’s so big and shiny and stuff. I couldn’t really tell what it was at first. But it seriously should be a flask! That would be insanely awesome. :O

    Second, I’m so jealous!
    Karen Walker is so awesome. You’re so lucky that you got to check out the latest Karen Walker collection. Those sunglasses are so awesome I would give up my little brother for a pair! Heehee just kidding (or am I)…

    Third, that last picture is so adorable!
    You look like you’re laughing up a storm and Christing just looks so hilarious.
    Whoever took that picture chose a great time to hit capture!


  5. Oooooh!

    To continue on my previous uber long message, I kind of just noticed the new headery thingy you have (please excuse my lack of technological knowledge/lingo)!
    I likey!! :)

    That plus I really like your outfit in the “LA MARINIÈRE” post from last week. I don’t know if I already commented on it but it’s all kinds of casual coolioness.
    I’ve been lusting after a Saint James shirt since forever! You wear yours so well and those sunglasses were cutesy!


    P.S. Sorry about my excessive commenting and making up of weird words. I just can’t help myself! :)

  6. So many elements that night to make an incredible hip hop video. Chains, fans, club lighting, champagne, short skirts, “celeb” cameos.

    Ting’s face in that last photo is magical.

    MORE VIDEOS!!! : )


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