kimbap, udon and beaver hats!

So when jess was here we did some serious kimbap-ing! That’s Korean sushi that you eat when it’s sort of room temperature instead of cold, and you use cooked ingredients as opposed to raw.

my giant full role compared to sha’s baby one.

lol huge!

this was only like half of what we made.

Then on Friday me and Mo went to udon west again for dinner. soo good.

mm tempura!

yumm niku udon!

and mo being a little fatty eating his and half of mine!

Then I had to go babysit for 4 hours on a friday night. lame. but not like I had anything else more exciting planned. But lucky for me, I was surprised to be picked up with these:

Today, I met up with sha after lunch for some free frozen yogurt at Red Mango in st marks. yummm. so good!! Me and sha didn’t plan on doing this but we ended up going shopping and walking around ALL day. Seriously, even in flats our feet were KILLING us. But we did manage to get some good buys so ALL worth it. And on top of that, we ended our day with Halal food for dinner. yum (:

I’ve been wanting a beaver hat for the longest time and we saw the cutest one ever at urbie’s:

lol!!! but the front furry flap part was too big and it looked kinda funny with my glasses…i dunno, i’m still considering..what do you think?

Lastly, today my outfit consisted of one of those big long loopy amazing cashmere scarves that we got for a real good deal from JOYCE warehouse. It’s totally what Angelina Jolie used for her babies in the winter!

This is me craddling panda baby!!!

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