Zara pants (DUH), Zara leather jacket, Sam Edelman Zoes and Fur bag.
With CKO from HKFashionGeek!

With my mom and my awkward leg pose!

Firstly, here are the only two pics I have from the Lane Crawford 160th Anniversary event. Of course I arrived there kinda late cos of work and of course I didn’t have a camera cos of my damn tiny fluffy bag. The party was crazy! Tons of people, so much going on including video games, ping pong, air hockey, random photobooths and lots of fun crazy decorations. I hate when I forget my camera but luckily the party has been heavily documented on tons of other well-known blogs and of course on the Lane Crawford website.

Secondly, last week was JOYCE’s 40th Anniversary party held at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science. Awesome location except every woman (and man) wearing heels over 3 inches was complaining about that damn hill. Lucky for me, I’m skilled in the art of teetering so me and shalai very slowly managed our way around the event.

“A Journey in Fashion” fuses fashion, art and technology and will showcase over 50 runway looks from amazing brands from their past, present and future ranging from well-known classic labels to edgy and visionary designers such as Azzedine Alaia, Gucci, Prada, Peter Pilotto, Rick Owens, Rodarte, Yves Saint Laurent as well as others.

To mark the special event, JOYCE is having a special exhibition that will be on view in Hong Kong for a limited time until making its way to Shanghai on January 7th. In early March, the exhibition will make its final stop in the mecca of fashion, Paris where it will be unveiled at Paris Fashion Week.

“With relation that goes back a long way between French brand Hermès and JOYCE, Hermès has specially produced a limited edition scarf featuring a classic Hermès print taken from the brand’s archives. The scarf will come in an exclusive new colour combination to mark this special event.”

What made me SO MAD when I got home is that I didn’t realize I had my camera on the wrong fucking setting the whole time. My ISO was on 6400. Yes that’s right. SIX fucking THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED. So mad at myself and my damn easy-to-mess-with-functions on my camera. Ugh so these are the only photos that were worthy of posting from my camera and some from my mom’s camera.

Zara leather jacket (again), Zara black jeans, Uniqlo camel cardigan, cashmere blanket/scarf, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2, Alexander Wang Millie bag.
(Yeah I was sweating BOMBS that night, so confused by HK’s weather -_________-)

The event started out with a huge projection on the museum building. Of course I was standing right at the foot of the building cos I came late and so we almost broke our necks trying to watch the show and ended up watching..none of it. Story of my life. The projection was created by Silly Thing (Hong Kong) and you can view it here.

Me and shalai.

There was this amazing futuristic table thing that was basically like a lightbox but was actually a scanner of some sort. There were these vinyl sheets of paper sort of thing that had a special barcode underneath and when placed on the table, prompted an interactive interface to appear MAGICALLY that you could touch and navigate through just by flicking iphone-style through the images. I FUCKING LOVE TECHNOLOGY. I shot a video of the fun interaction that will be up on the blog hopefully soon.

I LOVE THIS! Geometrics! TVs!

Notice the amazing shattered-mirror-like protrusions through the windows (meeooww Proenza!)

Moving on to my favourite room..

The best dress and leather jacket in the room by Rick Owens.

The best wool moto-jacket by Rad Hourani.

Amazing details.

Me and shalai again.

This may look like we’re just flapping our wings but this was actually our final teeter down the steepest hill on our way out.

Thirdly, another very important event happened a few weeks ago: my bestfriend’s birthday! We had a nice dinner at Brunch Club and then went out for a few drinks after. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3
Happy Birthday CL!

Causeway hole-y sweater, Zara jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 boots.

I made a short video at the JOYCE event and I’m thinking of shooting a few more clips of my daily life etc so hopefully PB (film major) will help me edit them and I’ll get to post it up soon! AND no, I did NOT forget about my giveaway..since it’s almost Christmas I’ll be posting about it soon! Of course I always say I’ll do things and then I never do..or they’re a million years late (hello procrastination!) but I promise this one will be up soon!

AND FINALLY, Obi and his new Anna Wintour bob-cut says stay warm kiddies!



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