DIY cropped shirt, H&M shorts, Chanel blazer, Converse low tops, Fendi Doctor F Hobo

middle ring: Oxette – index ring: H&M

H&M studded leather bracelet, Kenneth Jay Lane studded cuff

Last week from Weds to Friday I spent every minute of the day at home, except for a quick run to the supermarket across the street, to walk the dogs once and lastly for a quick pop by my mom’s friends place. The time I spent outdoors in those three days probably amounted to only about 2 hours. So I spent like 70 hours at home..about 95% of that time sitting in my pjamas either playing Sims, browsing the internet, cooking, playing with the dogs or moping about being a zombie. Yep, being jobless pretty much = USELESS.

On Saturday I decided it was time to finally get a whiff of the city air so I went out to meet nanz at Elements (Kowloon side). I was actually almost about to bail out cos lounging around in my yammies was just tooooo comfy but even Helie was trying to kick me out of the house so I FINALLY peeled my yammies off and headed out. I’m actually wearing my mom’s Chanel blazer..which is from like the 90s or something but it’s still really comfy and fits me pretty good. The Fendi bag is also my mom’s…I was a little reluctant at first, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t be bothered to switch my bag. The shape and size is perfect for my headphones and camera and it fits so comfortably on my shoulder. If it were all black it would be a great hobo bag.

Spot nanz in the sea that is the H&M sale!!

We spotted this awesome jacket that could easily fit both of us (plus 10 pts!!) but it was way too expensive for an H&M jacket ($699hk, about $90us).

Just now our doggies we’re being SUPER posey and being all “deh” (Chinese word for cute-ish) so nanz went all camera-whore on them, which also ended up being some really good gifs!!!!

Obi – Lucky


LULZ lucky YAPPING away!!!!

Ladylike is a new project that jess, betsey and I are all a part of. It’s a new blog on the Fatlace network (which is where my OTHER BLOG lives) which is hoping to be somewhere awesome where you can read up on the latest trends, shopping tips, DIYs, hot boyz, streetstyle (from HK!!!) and LOADS LOADS more!!!!! I’m hoping all you readers would click over to check it out..I mean right now there’s only our introductory posts but please be patient and check back often for more updates and add us to your RSS feed!!!!!!

On one last note, my outfits lately are soooo lame and boring and stupid and I think I really need a whole new wardrobe JUST so I can adjust to Hong Kong’s SWELTERING heat. Seriously, the other day it was REAL FEEL 44 degrees celcius (111 degrees fahrenheit) and that’s not even taking into account the HUMIDITY. I mean I don’t mind it so much, it makes me nice and moisturized..but seriously the heat is not cool. I’m not exactly one to wear tank tops or sleeveless tops so it gets really difficult for me to dress appropriate to the weather -.- Well anyways this is just me complaining about my useless wardrobe and the stupid heat leading to lame and stupid updates -_____________-

oh and some people asked: I use a Nikon D50 :D

  1. I’m digging that Oxette ring you got thur!! The H+M jacket is cute, too, I’ve been wanting a trench style lately…. And WTF 111 degree weather + humidity? That is disgusting! I would stay home in my yammies all day, too!!

  2. I seriously love how you accessorize!

  3. Woah, I really love your outfit. And your rings are sick! And your neckless! Ok well I could keep on like that for a while so I’ll stop. I’ll adore your friends coat by the way :) And cute doggies. Obi reminds me of my boyfriends dog a bit, sooo cute :)

  4. haha your outfits are never bland. never. ever. forever.

  5. Those Oxette rings looks mad!!! And what a cute little blazer! Gosh, seeing your HK photos (especially the shopping ones, with big red -sale- signs) are making me wanna fly over there badly! Too bad about the hot weather though, i hate extreme weather conditions!!

    ps your dogs are soooo cute! Especially the lil one! awwww!!


  6. I was wondering what your hair color is, I like it a lot :D

  7. super cute! i adore the topknot and converse shoes:)

    xx raez

  8. Denise Wong, I want your 1. Fendi 2. Rings. 3. Blog layout 4. and maybe your glasses while I’m at it.


  9. oh my! how were you able to wear that blazer outside?! maybe you’ll get use to the weather? :/
    those doggies need to be on icanhascheezburger! :D

  10. wow, those rings from H&M are gorgeous.
    i love your style!

  11. Whoohooo loving that Fendi bag!! =) I actually think it looks way cool precisely because it’s two toned and the gray and brown are just so sophisticated together… probably might be better than if it were all black cos that’s more boring. Haha the miu miu fake I bought was pretty much all black and a bit of gold. X) will post some photos soon!! Ya I think it’s quite an Asian thing (all that branded stuff). Lots of people in Jakarta were carrying the same Balenciaga knock off… Your mum’s really into branded stuff too eh??? Lucky you you get to inherit that lovely chanel blazer!

    Ahhh H&M sale!! That is just such a dream…. did you get anything nice there? haha I love your two dogs; it must be fun to have pets around the house to keep things from getting boring.

    And girl, I totally sympathize about the heat. Singapore’s worse I think because of the insane humidity =(( aghh… at least you have the knowledge that it’ll get cooler in HK eventually!!

  12. looooove your outfits, and rings and hair (etc..)
    ps. your dogs are too cute !!

  13. squee chanel blazer and bling!! i get all crazy when i see chanel bling hehe. 44 degrees is insanely hot wtf. am so not looking fwd to malaysian weather when i go home in a week. and the packing! help meee.

  14. Love your blazer, ring and converse! plus love your hair.. how do you do the hair making it look so nice and a little messy without it actually being messy and dropping off? erm.. am i making sense? arrrgh… pls share some tips! love love love your outfit and hair… ooops… “blush blush”..
    dont mean to sound like some psychotic grrl…

  15. i totally love your outfit from head to toe..
    the hair, the blazer, the bag..simply beautiful!!!!

  16. Super fierce jewellery!!!! :D

  17. haha, thanks love!

  18. is it just me but I find that you resemble Cathy Tsui Chi Kei (徐子淇)… that actress turned socialite.. i follow hk gossips. lol

  19. Oh my gosh your dogs! chiuuu duk yee
    I love your outfit…your jewelry = amazing! I understand…the heat is horrible and the humidity has been in the 90s. It’s gross outside. I spend a lot of my time at home in my pajamas being useless :S
    I’ve been meaning to go to elements lately. AIIRRCOONNN + everything in one place. Seriously I am such a lazybutt I refuse to walk from IFC to get to the central H&M.

  20. awww your dogs are super super cute!! i recently found some great stuff at h&m too.

  21. Yep…that’s kinda to be jobless:(( I’m the same now:(( However, you look so great in glasses and I totally inloved with your jewels!

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