Granville dress, Topshop baseball jacket, +J Uniqlo leather belt, Repetto Zizi oxfords, Alexander Wang Millie bag.

lol laughing at these three construction worker guys who were standing there for like at least 5 minutes just standing and watching me and Carmen…awkward….

DIY necklace

So before the photo bombarding starts…I was invited to Lane Crawford’s Autumn/Winter 11 Press Preview to view more than 500 pieces from the latest AW11 collections of ladieswear and menswear. All the samples are only in Hong Kong exclusively for this event and are going to be returned back to their homes (sadly not my home) on Monday. I seriously felt so lucky to be able to view all the pieces before everyone else! Don’t even get me started on how much I wanted to just grab all the hangers and run away..although in this torrential downpour, I probably wouldn’t have gotten too far.

Of course I took along my ~photographer~ Carmen Chan who is one half of the super-duo who run How I Met Your Style! On a side note, I’m SO happy for Carmen and Ken for their HIMYS feature on Vogue Paris online today! SO proud of them and I can’t wait to see who else they have lined up for the site! Carmen just recently posted up HIMYS’ FIRST ever Hong Kong blogger feature on CINDIDDY so make sure you check out the site!

All photos by Carmen Chan, unless stated otherwise.

/photo by me

/photo by me

warrior shoes!

How cute is this tiny little Christian Louboutin purse? The leopard print is actually made up of little dots instead fo the typical leopard print blobs and the touch of pearls on the front is so cute. I love that if you blur your eyes or if you look from far away, the leopard print actually kind of looks like a subtle snake skin print!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Givenchy mmmmmmmmmmmmm /photo by me

The gold metal ankle strap is such a great special detail. /photo by me

I was matching the baseball lady! /photo by me

oh gosh burberry… /photo by me

/photo by me

I know it looks like nothing, but secretly in my head I’m wondering if I could stuff this gorgeous Stella sweater in my bag without anyone noticing..

Seriously such a great knit…

This The Row coat had these amazing contrasting waffle knit wooly sleeves.

These Giuseppe Zanottis…oh gosh darn…

Omg the beading detail on this 3.1 Philip Lim dress was seriously gorgeous. The more I look at it now, the beading kind of gives me goosepimples but I love that it reminds me of those cartoon drawn hairy legs hahahha

Alexander Wang! Already in Lane Crawford stores!

OMG guys, it may not look like it, but this Alexander McQueen skirt seriously weighed at least 50 pounds or something. It was made of some seriously thick wool tweed and those zippers (all the way around) probably weighed at least 5 pounds each. I can’t even imagine how heavy and painful it must be to wear that all day! If this image were a gif/movie, all you’d see is my arm shaking struggling to hold the skirt up for this shot! It was a serious workout!

Crazy CLs!

I loooove me a good cuffed pair of jeans. /photo by me

There was also a few fragrances around for smelling as well as some nail polishes from RGB but otherwise, nothing much else in terms of the beauty department. /photo by me

I LOVED this guys i dunno..back piece? on his super soft buttery-looking leather vest. Such cool detail. /photo by me

Photoshoot! /photo by me

Following photos by me:

I surely do love me some foil stamping!

For our press gift, we got a press kit and a soft butter leather Elizabeth and James notebook and also an Alexander McQueen silk chiffon scarf!

So overall this Winter expect to see lots of dark purples, maroons and navy blue. I’m so excited for Winter (only mid-June and already SO SO SO sick of the disgusting humid heat in Hong Kong) and I can’t wait to pile layers and layers! I’m hoping to learn how to knit soon so that hopefully by Winter I’ll have my very own chunky ass snood and scarf! I think a self-knitted sweater might take years and years to make ): I’m planning to wear lots of black chiffon or soft jersey maxi skirts with fat knit sweaters and a buttery leather jacket or nice waist-cut wool coat with contrasting sleeves. Definitely on the hunt for a wool coat with some sort of contrasting texture or fabric on the sleeves, maybe textured wool? leather? I dunno but jus something. This might also be a good Winter DIY/upgrade of an old coat you have lying around! I’m also still thinking about getting something from Pendelton..maybe some sort of cropped jacket? I say cropped but really it would just be normal length on me..

Anyway the preview was great..the only thing is that I wish there was more accessories! There was only 2 display boxes of jewelry that to be honest, weren’t very exciting. Me and CKO of HKFashionGeek were more excited about the stray iPad that was left on one of the display boxes…was also so close to snatching that too!

okay that’s all guys! My good pals from NY are visiting and we’re going boating on Sunday! Can’t wait!! Help us pray for clear blue skies and lots and lots of sun! See yahhhhhhh!



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