A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip down to the newly relocated Lane Crawford offices out in middle-of-nowhere Aberdeen with my BPB (best photographer buddy) Carmen Chan to have a sneak peak at some new and some already-in-store items from Lane Crawford! It’s always fun being able to grope and feel all the amazing pieces before they’re in store..and it gives me ample time to add things to my keep-dreaming-Denise-list!! First thing we spotted and all molested constantly were a few cashmere sweaters from a collaboration between Club Monaco and Lane Crawford. They were so soft and dreamy and the elbow patches were so cute! They’re in-store now so make sure you go have a little feel for yourself!

Club Monaco x Lane Crawford sweater

Stella McCartney Purse

Some comfy winter-y pillows!

Amazing men’s Acne leather baseball jacket

Jason Lam and I discussing something interesting like how all KGV people are awesome.

Spotted this TOGA parka from a mile away lurking in the backroom somewhere..I’m pretty sure it’s for men but that didn’t stop me from trying it on and contemplating whether or not I can run away fast enough with this huge fluffy thing on. As Carmen put it, this would be Parka #120931853 for me!


So in love <3 All above shots (except the first pic) by Carmen Chan.

Below shots by me!

Stubbs & Wootton slippers! Nanz would love these!

I looove me a printed pleated asymmetric hem maxi skirt!

Quilted denim detail from Stella McCartney!

Omg this Stella skirt killed me. SO nice.

Creepin’ on Carmen creepin’ on those shoes!

Seriously INTENSE no-place-like-home heels from Giuseppe Zanotti (i think)

Hairy arms courtesy of Philip Lim

Amazing dress by Philip Lim! I loved the belted detail at the back

Loved these bracelets from I forgot who…but the buckle is just a magnet buckle which makes it too easy to fall off ):

Some details from the mens collection

HOW cute are these grannies? They reminded me of ME and PB since we’re such grannies that stay home all the time :D

My mom would love these soaps!

And finally, we ended our LC trip with a tour around the new offices with Jason Lam with a brief cameo appearance by miss Holly Ho! (pic by Carmen)



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