Taylor in the amazing crochet lace and neon pink skirt she designed for her mini collection with Lane Crawford.

So last week before the dinner with Taylor Tomasi Hill, I ventured out to Wong Chuk Hang to the Lane Crawford office with Sha, Carmen and Tania to check out the latest LC SS12 collection. On our way there we were SUPER excited cos Taylor Tomasi Hill was gonna be there just moseying around the preview and we were super nervous as to what to say! Good thing me and sha were Prepared Pollys cos the night before we came up with a bunch of questions to ask her so as to avoid the awkward “so….how do you like Hong Kong?” type of situations. I don’t normally get starstruck..like I’ve seen tons of celebrities when I was in New York but was never like “OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMOGM” (except for the one time that Ashley Olsen sat on the table behind us in a cafe once) but otherwise..I rather not draw too much attention whenever I see a celebrity. BUT…this time, when we stepped onto the 30th floor and saw Taylor just moseying around…I was internally going “OMGOGMOGMOMGOGMOGMOGMOMGOGM”. She looks soooo cool and nice in person and is really friendly and approachable which made talking to her ten times easier! We got to spend a couple of minutes with her just asking her some fun questions then took an awesome nerve-wracking am-i-meant-to-put-my-arm-around-her-back group photo! I’ll post the little interview we did with her in my next post just cos it’s not been typed up yet.

So other than meeting TTH for the first time and totally loving her ten times more than we all already do, we were actually there to check out the upcoming collections for Spring Summer 2012. Of course I instantly fell for all the floral prints and amazing accessories! There was so much to take in so below are just some of me and nanz’s favourite picks!

Nanz’s favourite rhomper by TOGA.

In lovelovelvoelvevoelvelovelove with this mesh layered shirt dress by TOGA. I have a thing for granny style shirt dresses with a nipped waist and midi skirt length…

yummy floral prints

Omg this lace Carven crop top with a giant cut-out. As if the see-through lace wasn’t revealing enough no?

Oh man the floral watercolour inky prints from Prabal Gurung are just..amazing.

Two of Taylor’s pretty designed skirts

Each giant circular sequins was hand folded!

Leather collar details on the Taylor Tomasi Hill x Lane Crawford shirt. My mom would love this one.

Exclusive to Lane Crawford! A runway lace headpiece by Alexander McQueen.

I LOVE me a claw heel…by a classic Walter Steiger.

Super fun starfish print from YSL.

Dying for the Christian Louboutin studded clutch/iPad case! Also, those Men’s YSL leopard ponyhair slip-ons are amazing.

The Vans lover in me is DYING for these black Celine ponyhair slip ons!

Crazy runway pilgrim YSL shoes exclusive to Lane Crawford.

Guhhhhhhh yknow me…

Super cool Eddie Borgo bracelets that remind me of…bear traps.

SUPER cool closure on this EB cuff.

And finally….secret coffee with Taylor~~~ lol not. We saw her coffee lying around and of course, this was a MUST-DOCUMENT kind of moment with Carmen, Sha and JASON!

Fun fun group photo! That….

Taylor tweeted about!!! Yay soooo happy and excited :D

Lol and this was also on our way over :D Yay so fun!!!

Thanks ONCE again to Lane Crawford for the invite and TAYLOR~ if you’re reading this, SO SO SO fun meeting and chit-chatting and hope to see you again next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out more coverage here: HIMYS tumblrSha-LaiTlikebubbleTeaTOUGHLOVE.HK


  1. Wow, so amazing. I’ve absolutely loved reading yours and Tania’s accounts of everything Taylor Tomasi Hill related in HK! The prints in her collection are absolutely lovely, but I think what I enjoy the most out of her collection is that many of the pieces have these very intricate cutout features, whether in the form of mesh or lace or such as in the first photograph out of yours and Sha’s picks; it feels like it makes it that much more fun to layer and wear. Thanks for sharing these great photographs, it definitely sounds like it was an amazing time! (And the tweets are suuuper cute!) xx

  2. Omg I super loved this post! Such great items…I was trying not to drool!


  3. You are soooo lucky! It must have been a really interesting dinner!

  4. Deniseeeee hahaha this post made me chuckle because I can totally imagine you meeting Taylor cool, calm and collected but doing a dance on the inside. So what did you ask her?? The photos from the showroom are gorgeous and so were the dinner party photos.
    And that coffee cup is the winning shot in this blog post I must say.

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! LOVING those shoes


  6. *)!%)!&^#$)&!%#)*&#&^*$#


  7. OMG Taylor!! I love her so much!! She has such incredible style!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her collection. If only I get to meet her too!! She must have a lot of insightful and interesting things to share!

    Also, super digging that Carven lace top!!


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