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Let me start off by saying that I fully regret cutting my hair (✖╭╮✖) Okay maybe not from the beginning but that one and the last time in January this year where it was super ear-length short. I just want it to be looooong again (remember THIS mermaid blue?) and so I’ve decided to STOP cutting my hair. At least until it’s just above boobie length. Also, remember how dizguzting my black roots growing out was? I timed things wrongly and couldn’t fix my roots from February until June but FINALLY, June came around and the second I stepped off the plane from Shanghai to Hong Kong, I headed STRAIGHT to Hollywood Hair on Duddell’s Street in Hong Kong to get my roots fixed by Benjamin Amey. It was such a great experience with someone who actually cares about coloring hair. He’s the only hair stylist who has bothered to explain each process and step for me and actually ask WHAT tone of blonde I was going for. I was only used to someone saying “bleach? Okay sit here for 6 hours..”, so getting my roots done by Benjamin was great and also really speedy! And HELLO have you seen my Khaleesi blonde? I’m obsessed. It’s faded a bit more yellowy since then but a couple washes with purple shampoo every now and then and another session of toning the next time I’m back in HK should fix it up.

Now let’s direct ourselves to my curly wurly hair! NUME sent over this fun Curl Jam set that comes with 3 sizes of barrels for the “Tri-fect Curling Wand” and the..”Fashionista Flat Iron” (don’t ask, I didn’t name them). Now that my hair’s a bit longer, I can do more with it so I played around with the medium and the small size barrels to get my curl on! The set comes with a heat protectant (but not complete barrier) glove cos TRUST me, some hidden side of your hand will definitely get burnt. The curling wand and flat iron heat up really fast which is great and though I’m not experienced with curling wands, I’ve heard the ones without the clip are easier to use and this NUME one definitely was. I tend to go with the idea that if I can’t see it (i.e. the back of my head), it doesn’t exist. So I usually just focus on the sides and front and the top layer of my hair when curling. The handy carrier and the interchangeable barrels makes it easy to take the set with me when I travel back and forth to HK. This might be something magical but I read that the barrels are made with Tourmaline that emits negative ions into hair and balances out the moisture in the hair – I mean WHAT so cool.

Get the Curl Jam Set here for only US$84 (org. $250) with code SuperWow OR
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The tools! I worked with the medium barrel on one side and the small barrel on the other for comparison purposes

This flat iron also comes REALLY in handy for quick twist curls (twist then flat iron the twists up and down for a few seconds)

Super simple on/off button (no messing with temperature) and a lock to interchange the barrels.

Always coat your hair with protectant or oils before heating like with this Arganic Argan Oil. Sometimes I use coconut oil too.

Part your hair in half (left and right) to work on one side at a time.

Starting from near your scalp, start twirling chunks of your hair around the barrel and hold the ends for a couple of seconds then just let go.

This was on my left side using the medium sized barrel. With shorter hair, the curls are bigger and looser and kind of “not as many” (real technical here huh).

Tie up the side you’ve finished working on and start on the other side (using the smallest barrel)

Again start at the top of your head and twirl around the barrel. Cool glove huh? I have burn marks from the last time I used it so trust me, this is important.


And the left side finished! The curls are shorter and more defined, probably better for shoulder length hair.

Tousle your hair a bit with your fingers to loosen the curls..and we’re done!

Lovin’ it! So fun! The whole process was really quick so when I’m really not lazy, getting my curl on is really gonna be fun and fast! So far at this point at the end of the day, the curls are still here so they’re lasting really long (especially riding on my scooter through windy Shanghai). Thanks again to NUME for the Curl Jam set and don’t forget to use the discount codes to get your own! SUCH a good price and for great quality. So fun!

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