Lisbon..let me just start off by saying I wasn’t exactly excited for this trip. Apart from being with my bestfriends and attending Carmen’s wedding (and also shopping at & Other Stories), there wasn’t anything else that particularly got me excited about this Euro trip. It sounds pathetic (to some) but I hate being away from my little family in Shanghai even if just for a few days and I was already dreading all the work I had to come home to. Yep you probably guessed right, I have ZERO wanderlust (the strong desire to travel) and this is obviously not to everyone but I think some people who have serious cases of wanderlust are just trying to escape their own reality at home. Our life in Shanghai isn’t perfect and me and Jason are almost always working but there’s still never any reason for me to want to leave our home and Sumo. Okay but with that being said, the first holiday with my girlfriends in 10 years (our last group holiday was our graduation trip to Phuket in 2004!!) was so special especially since we were in Lisbon to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends!

From London, we headed out to Lisbon, to a small part of the city called Sintra where we were staying at an airbnb apt which was actually part of a bigger villa called Refuge Sintra. The HUGE villa apartment was so amazing, really open and modern and accommodates up to 8! There was also a really nice outdoor pool which was mainly the reason why I booked this place but WHO WOULDA THOUGHT it would be TOO COLD to swim in PORTUGAL in the MIDDLE of summer?!?! UGHH so bummedddd but anyway we headed straight out in the morning to explore the city of Lisbon instead.

I still have one more Lisbon and London post but couldn’t wait any longer to show you guys another episode of #DDTV filmed all throughout our trip!! Hope you guys like the video below!!

Watch in HD here!

Our amazing airbnb apartment: Refuge Sintra


The huge open downstairs area opens up with a sliding door on the whole side of the house!

Exploring the grounds..a pool! Unfortunately, it was way too cold that day for a swim…WTF SINTRA I THOUGHT IT WAS SUMMER?!?!

So of course we take advantage of the space and do some outfit shots instead!

Forgot his name already but this big cutie was lounging around everywhere!

The next day we headed out to the “city” area of Lisbon, starting at Praça do Comércio. This is the Arco da Victoria I think.

Every city has their own horse guy statue right?

Hi guys!

My friend Debbie always makes fun of taking photos for the blog..

Worked it out though!

Strolling down through the arch looking for food!

Found some! Some sort of seafood stew..

Baked cod sth..

Pork and clams..apparently this is a common dish in Lisbiez

Nevermind sangria’s here!

Post lunch exploring the city

Loved the quaint traditional interiors of all the small restaurants and cafes.

It’s like a party indoors everyday!

Big butt shots to end the post! Thanks for keeping up kwith kthis klong kpost!

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