The analogue king in Hong Kong, Lomography is running a little fun competition for bloggers in HK called Loblography! I was super excited to take part in the fun little competition where basically LomographyHK lent out La Sardina cameras to 10 bloggers and we were given about 2 weeks to basically bond and have fun with the camera! I already have about 10 lomo cameras so the analogue world isn’t too foreign to me but I had yet to try the semi-new La Sardina! Firstly, I love the design of the camera..very classic but fun. I chose the CUBIC graphic printed version with the detachable flash to take with me on my trip to NY! I didn’t end up taking too many shots in NY nor in HK simply cos of time and some other issues but nonetheless, I still managed to shoot two rolls on the 35mm film camera!

Do any of you guys shoot with Lomo cameras too? Which ones?? They’re so fun right! I should take mine out more! My favourites are the Fisheye2 and the Holga35!

in New York!

You can read a little more about it here and here (in Chinese but Google translate is your friend!).


  1. Lucky you!! La Sardina is a cute one. I’m most impressed with the LC-W out of all the ones I have. I always seem to start a roll and then move around to other cameras for different effects… I end up with heaps of unfinished rolls of film XD and Obi is SO photogenic!

  2. Love seeing these photographs as snippets of what you’ve been up to; I don’t own a Lomo camera, sadly, but out of the ones I’ve borrowed from my friends I love the Holga35 as well (: Have a good rest of the week!

  3. Aaah that cubic la sardina has been on my wihslist for a while now! it just looks incredibly cool, with the detacheable flash and stuff… :) I have to admit though, I don’t use analog camera’s that often, this reminds me I should take mine out more!

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