Alexander Wang sweater, Uniqlo DIY shredded jeans, Nike socks, Converse PLAY Comme des Garçons sneakers, Céline mini cabas tote and Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses.

This is definitely not the first time I’ve been in London but there were so many first times this trip. Firstly it was actually Jason’s first time there which is exactly why I tagged along this time. The first few days he was busy with work stuff and I literally only saw him in the morning with blurry moota eyes or late at night after he had a long ass day. Finally over the weekend, we had some time for us. We attempted to do as many cool cultural things as possible (like this) and did plenty of the typical touristy things like see Big Ben (for like 5 seconds before we got too hot because apparently 24 degrees in London is a heat wave), attempt to walk along the South Banks (for like another 5 minutes cos we were just too hungry) and lots of other stuff like shopppppinggggg!!!

On one ambitious day, we decided to do it all. We started with breakfast at The Breakfast Club then headed out to semi walk along the South Banks (like I did last year with my friends) but then we ended up stumbling upon the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and decided that might be fun lol Plenty of random funny touristy shit happened in there but we were over it and headed across to the Tate Modern which was just amazing. So much fun being inspired by the art and also laughing at plenty of unexpected stuff in there but we were seriously tired so we grabbed a bite to eat at the Tate cafe but STUPID MEEEE totally forgot that I had booked a reservation for afternoon tea like a month ago for Sketch London!!!!! God I would be so upset if we completely missed it! You can read more about the Sketch experience below!

London of course was great as usual and getting to spend it with Jason this time was just the best. After a few years together, there’s nothing like experience more firsts together!!!!

Breakfast at The Breakfast Club!

Our new favourite Acne sweatshirt (we tend to share most of our tops)

Getting our culture on at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Oh hi.

This is how you pose right?

okay nvm bye!!


One of my absolute favourites: Jasper Johns ‘0 through 9’ | Incredible texture Niki de Saint Phalle’s ‘Shooting Picture’

Nicholas Hlobo ‘Ikhonkco’

Nicholas Hlobo ‘Macaleni Iintozomlambo’

So incredibly in love with these Nicholas Hlobo pieces. The detail is so incredible and the ribbon stitching reminds me so much of baseballs…

Incredible George Condo collection

One of my favourite parts is his study with anime eyes!

We were so tired after walking around all morning so we headed to the cafe at the Tate for a quick snack…only to completely forget that we had our reservation (that I booked a month ahead) at Sketch London!!! Good thing we remembered just in time and then we UBER-ed over there right away.


Ahhhhh Sketch London. That ubiquitous pink room you’ve probably seen everywhere on every social platform and you’ve probably reposted or repinned yourself. Surprisingly, it was actually extremely hard to photograph anything in there as the dim lighting is completely shrouded in this soft moody pink tone. The entire experience from walking through the grand doors to the delicious food and the crazy futuristic toilets is completely a sensory overload but in the greatest way possible. I mean you can’t go to Sketch expecting anything less than amazing right? So we talked to the manager a bit having not really known much about the history and we found out actually that Sketch does a major overhaul renovation and teardown every 24 months. Each time, a dedicated artist is chosen to completely revamp and redesign the whole restaurant while the restauranteur Mourad “Momo” Mazouz and his team of chefs come up with a new menu. It’s the idea of keeping things fresh and exciting all the time and giving people a reason to always come back. The restaurant this time was realized by artist David Shrigley whose crazy fun and weird sketches (239 of them) line the entire interior of the pink room. I was seriously in love with all his pieces and am actually thinking of getting a print of one of them but it’s so hard to choose when they’re all so good!

We opted for the afternoon tea in the pink salon of course, where super friendly waitresses (wearing Chuck Taylors!) helped us with the different teas and served us the super delectable tea set on the most amazing David Shrigley dishware which you can buy of course at the entrance (we did not though T.T). Anyway if you have a chance to visit, it’s definitely worth checking out. Yes the prices may be a little steep but the overall experience is once in a lifetime they will be tearing the whole thing down in just a couple more months! Just remember to make your reservation way ahead of time and most important is DON’T FORGET THAT YOU BOOKED IT!

The ladyfinger/bubblegum chairs are one of my favourite things ever

Guys these scones were so damn huge and fluffy and moist..seriously just perfect


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