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Yep a second post from London. Sorry for the brief hiatus, was back out in Hong Kong for a long week working out some wedding stuff. Wait, did I ever even talk about Jason and I’s wedding on the blog yet? Actually I don’t think so! Well I mentioned it briefly but yes we are in full wedding-planning mode over here (mostly me but Jason helps as much as possible) and so far..I’d say that I haven’t entered Bridezilla mode yet, although Jason gives some real “yeah..okay..” eyes everytime I say that. We’re keeping everything completely as simple as possible and luckily, we don’t have to fall prey to the super traditional Chinese wedding slump.

Anyway, more about the wedding later. For now, let’s bring ourselves back to the end of July when me and my friends we’re in London! I think these photos were taken on our first real day out in London, starting the day off completely right with a huge bowl of Koya udon. I’ve heard mixed reviews from some people but the people who do love this place, REALLLLYYY love it. As someone who pretty much prefers all my meals in soup (noodles..macaroni..rice in soup..ALL of it is good to me), I LOVED the udon here and even the little side dishes were really great. We then spent the day doing more walking around and shopping around from Regent Street down (or up?) to around Oxford Circus and finally ended our day at Burger and Lobster. Another highly recommended place by my London mates (wahaha say that in a British accent) and with good reason. If I remember correctly, everything on the menu is about £20 (not including drinks) and they make it extremely easy for you, offering only either a burger, a grilled or steamed lobster or a lobster roll all with a side of fries AND salad. The food there is so simple and satisfying it makes the typical 1+ hour wait worth it. Lucky for us, we booked a head and didn’t have to wait, although technically we arrived much earlier than our reservation so duh, had to snap some outfit pics!

 KOYA UDON  49 Frith Street, London W1D 4SG
 BURGER AND LOBSTER  36 Dean street, Soho London W1D 4PS


Effortless good looks in London I see… #unfair

On our way to Koya udon!

At Koya: Kaiso (mixed seaweed) salad

Assorted vegetable tempura – nice and light, not too oily at all.

Kamo (duck) Udon – Apart from shabu beef, Kamo is one flavor of udon I always love.

Walking towards Oxford Circus via Regent Street!



Ending our day with some SERIOUS Lobster love.

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