T by Alexander Wang men’s crewneck, CO. by Cotton On faux leather pleated skirt, Underground leopard pony hair creepers, Hussein Chalayan x Puma Black Label ipad clutch, mixed jewellery.

On Pedder, the sister company to Lane Crawford, celebrated the launch of their 11th issue of Pedderzine, entitled EXHIBITIONIST, a culmination of their past 10 issues, with a pop-up artspace at On Lan Street with their previous issues, the latest Pedderzine and a special video on display. I love the Pedderzines and have managed to collect a few myself since their first issue in 2007. They’ve become quite the collectors piece as they never get reprinted or reissued once they’re out. Each issue of Pedderzine is a style guide and catalogue for On Pedder showing their latest products in a highly stylized and visually dynamic zine.

The space was perfectly curated and the fun video by Yamanyamo was endurable because of the super fun comfy beanbags and CASHMONEY seats, despite the epileptic-fit-inducing element of it. Anyway I decided to be wear my new creepers that night cos I’m a bit over being clunky and awkward in heels and sometimes I just want to be comfy dammit. The little detailing on this men’s T by Wang sweatshirt is amazing: tiny little screws on the back, square quilted elbows and super cool dipped ribbed hems. Also not sure if you can tell, but we’re playing around with a different camera for these pics. Jason found his old Leica X1 and since we’re sick of lugging around my Nikon most of the time, we’re trying to test this old baby out! I also shot a fun video thing for this event…but you’ll be seeing that later hopefully!

Oh yah and one last thing: I’ve picked the winner of the NAKED LABEL exo geometric ring giveaway! I’ll be emailing the winner soon!!! Thanks everyone who entered!!!

Selected spreads from the older Pedderzines.

A wall of heads! They were like lucky draws so you peel the head to see what you get (most of them were just wise sayings..) and in the end after they’re all peeled, the wall would reveal a bigger picture. Unfortunately I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what it was!

A super spazzy/epileptic-fit-inducing yet super amazing video by Yamanyamo也文也武 that featured imagery from all the past Pedderzines.

Love this spread.


All black and white sweets!!

Moving on to Socialito for dinner with my toughLOVE.

After the event we walked over to the newly opened Socialito. We’re forever on the hunt for yummy Mexican food in HK and although the food there was amazing and so so delicious, the price just did not justify. Nonetheless, date night with Jason is always worth it and even if we’re just eating at a cha chan teng, dinner would be so so good. Our favourite dishes that night was the beef tacos and the chips and dip. We got some weird Corn sth sth that was really mushy and disappointing. Regardless of the price, Socialito has a nice setting and it’s fun to sit at the bar stools on street level so that you can say hi to passing friends.

Margarita, sprite and our lucky 88.

Beef tacos, Duck tacos (I think, I forget..), a special Soft Shell Crab taco and chips and dip. DROOOOOOOOOOOLING right now.



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