Awesome face/pose for awesome people!

Ksubi jeans from Electric Sekki, Dad’s Ermenegildo Zegna shirt, Zara leopard clutch, Steve Madden Gretta Platforms, MAC Good To Go PRO LONGWEAR Lipcreme.

Last week was seriously an eventful week! The second half of the week was chockfull of events to go to and wonderful people to meet up with. Being the granny that I am, by Friday I was exhaaausted and had to skip out on some of the fun ):

Sooo to begin, on Wednesday we were invited to the MAC Me Over event! Last fall, MAC held a contest where anyone could compete by sending in videos of themselves with the phrase “MAC me over because…” and the winners of the competition are lucky to become the face and inspiration behind the new campaign!

The event was the launch party for the campaign and collection and there were tons of make-over counters and make-up artists giving guests new faces and generally having some make-up fun!

This is the first update of the eventful week, can’t wait to show you guys what happened the rest of the week!

P.S. Am I looking tanned or what!?

On nanz: Uniqlo shirt, Urbie shorts, Christian Louboutin Barcelona Wedges, D&G Lily bag.



~Triplets~ We matched on purpose! Nanz was originally wearing jeans too but it was too hot for those Pocky legs of hers!

Make-up! I didn’t bother lining up to get a ~MAC-over~ and also I wasn’t too sure about how hygienic those re-used brushes would be…

More fun counters!

The stage where something boring happened that I didn’t stick around to watch…..

Zara leopard clutch!

Julie and Carmen with their gorgeous make-overs!


Did anyone notice the new blog layout? I quickly spent some time tweaking things around last weekend so this isn’t fully updated yet..but what do you guys think so far? Any comments/suggestions? I also FINALLY got some new blog/design business cards printed up so can’t wait to show you guys!

Okay this week got me totally drained so now I’m going to lie in bed with PB and watch some movies! Have a great week everyone!


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