There’s just really something about wearing a “nice” girly dress with sneakers..a.k.a. what I always do now. You might recognize this custom-made silk dress when I wore it last at Nanz’s wedding signing day but this time paired with my new favourite sneakers and the cutest little ESEMBLĒ shoulder bag. Okay firstly, these sneakers. I don’t know how many of you out there are regular beasts and keep up with sneaker/streetwear news but these FRAGMENT x NikeLab LD-Zeros are so damn fine and extremely comfortable. What’s a girl gotta do to have Nike air bubbles on every single one of my shoes? I know these are more on the “manly” side of looks but just throw on a dress and I don’t feel so bad. Though yknow my love for sneakers runs deep in my veins, me and Nanz are doing a nosneakersweek just to see if we can do it..and so far so good!

I once read this rule a million years ago that black and navy blue worn together is a fashion faux pas. WTF? Says who?! I don’t think this rule applies to life anymore so yeah. I recently got this new shoulder bag from ESEMBLĒ and my favourite part of everything is that it’s hiding quite a few little secrets. It’s the perfect compact size for coffee dates with friends or weekend brunches with your love. The leather straps are removable on the sides and the best thing is that the hardware bits that hold the straps can be tucked into a little pocket when you’re not using them. HANDY!! The flip up closure on the front is really cool and such a simple yet functional idea and once you open the bag, there’s a couple of nice open and also zippered compartments. One of my favourite things on the bag is the PEN HOLDER. I am such a nerdy old lady so this was one feature that really captured me. It also doesn’t help that they have the cutest gold print saying “Make Waves” on the a mini motivational poster every time you open your bag! It’s this exact same fun and witty spirit of ESEMBLĒ that made me love the brand. There are three different styles on the ESEMBLĒ online shop in super soft and buttery leather and really nice rich colours so make sure you go check them out!

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