For the fourth time, I ventured out to line up for the YSL Manifesto! This season the black canvas manifesto tote featured this season’s campaign with the regular-faced Arizona Muse (seriously, I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a line-up).

Nice and early on a Saturday morning I started lining up around 10:45 (yes early bird I am) and was shortly joined by Michelle (of Mizz Shopaholic) and Cko (from HKFashionGeek). This crazy menopausal old lady behind us went nuts and started fussing about them joining me in line. She kept insisting that it wasn’t fair to other people (even though it wasn’t like there was a million people in line and that she wasn’t going to get her free tote) and even asked people around her if they minded (to which none of them even cared). We happily offered to let her go ahead of us but she kept insisting it was the principle that people shouldn’t be allowed to join their friends in line. She then calls over one of the YSL staff and starts complaining to him but even he was like “oh if you have some friends who wanna jump in then yeah! feel free to call them to come along!” Oh god, boring old tai tai’s need better things to complain about.

Anyway did anyone else manage to get the tote this year?

duck face

pouty fish face

almost there!

Cute Manifesto puffies!

survey lady with the highest hairline in Hong Kong

After stuffing our faces with yummy brunch at Oo La, we headed over to Times Square to hit up the Pedder Warehouse sale. I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I spent I think over 2 hours walking around. No, the sale wasn’t really big or had a lot of variety but that’s just me; I like to scour around for hours just looking at everything and making sure I don’t miss anything really good.

Yes, those floral/tree/leafy-heeled McQueens! Even on sale they were about $12000 HKD (~$1500 USD)

Crazy Alaia! Cko actually tried them on hahha so cute.

If you follow me on twitter, you should already know what I treated myself to at the sale..but I’ll save that for another post :)

The other day I was scrummaging around in my mom’s room for any goodies I could find and I discovered that my mom has bags inside bags inside boxes inside more bags inside even more boxes. She has vintage bags kept since the 80s – lots of granny style top handle/buckle bags (slightly toooo granny for me really) but I did manage to score two really amazing finds:

CUTEST little buckle bag from Celine! I think she said this one was from the early 90s. My mom bought it from a Celine sale and she thinks it was used on the runway cos she found cute little runway notes written on a small piece of paper stashed in there somewhere.

“Auntie dd what’s thisssssssssssss?” (also for bag-size-reference)

AMAAAZZZZZZZZZZING hot hot hot red Giorgio Armani purse! The only downside is that the handle is a little weird length on me but if I just tuck them on the inside, it can be used as a CLC (cutey little clutch).

Nanz used it the other day to the Dior Addict event and in this pic you can see the straps.

On another totally separate note, howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing is the matte finish top coat? God I’m obsessed now. Okay my fingers look kinda manky in the photo but I loooooooove the matte finish! Thanks so much to Virginia from HKFG for taking me nail polish shopping!

AND lastly, I posted on tumblr about whether Asians can wear pink shadow above black eyeliner. I decided to test it out the other day but I don’t own any pink eyeshadow (or any eyeshadow really) so I just used my NARS blush in Gilda that I applied with a small slightly wet brush. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out since it’s quite subtle! Thoughts thoughts? And yehh….i rarely wear contacts.

okay that was a huuuuuuge post about so much crap and now I’m going to go lie in bed and watch Modern Family. Thanks for sticking around! BYE!


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