BDG men’s tee, H&M shorts, random tights, Frye Harness Bewts

Pretty much all random/old necklaces except for the Dolce & Gabbana rosary

Omg so it’s been a million and a half years since I’ve last updated and really I can’t even think of a good enough excuse. Maybe not being able to find my memory stick reader is good enough..srlsy wherethefuck are you!? Pissing off as you can tell..okay anyway..moving on…some current events:

Few weeks ago we attended the Gucci fashion show held at TDC. It was pretty fun although the show started well late and I was getting zleeeepy. The shoes were, of course, absolutely amazing and super super high – so high that some of the models were literally LEANING BACK *cue Terror Squad’s Lean Back* in order to walk properly. There was one EXTREMELY pouty male model that was pretty much pulling a Blue Steel.
This was the only photo I took at my crappy Nokia, during the finale walk down.
I haven’t bought ANY clothes in ages and I feel like my wardrobe is just falling apart. I literally wear the same thing all the time -.- so I bought some silly dark grey acid-wash type jumper dress thing yesterday..just for the sake of buying something.
Went to the YSL Manifesto thingy in Central which actually just meant lining up and receiving the bag, getting questionnaired, then leaving instantly. For some reason my stupid brain didn’t think I had to get there earlier so I arrived maybe 30 mins before they started handing them out. The line was inSANELY long by then and it was flaming hot by the time I trecked to the end. Now for some strange reason, Hong Kong people LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to line up…seriously for ANYTHING. On my way down the line I saw at least 3 OLD couples lining up..OLD meaning 60+ years old. When Hong Kong people see a line, they just join it, REGARDLESS of what it is. They’ll line up for hours not knowing what it is and if they get to the front and perhaps realise they hafto pay for whatever, they’ll just be like “oh nvm” and walk away. I’m pretty sure all the granny old couples lining up for YSL had NO idea what they were lining up for..and when they received their bag..they’ll probably just bring it home and dump it with all the other useless crap they’ve accumulated over the years. Anyway more pictures on this below (unfortunately, none of the grannies).
umm…this bullet point deal isn’t working out I seem to be blabbing on as usual anwyays…complete bullet point FAIL.

The ceiling structure of the Hong Kong International Airport. (Thought you’d like this one Katlin)

Lol Julie just being Julie :D hahahaa oh man if only there was a way to add sound effects to this one.

Ooooooooooomg guys. Spotted this cute little baby and his VINTAGE stroller on my way to the bus. This baby is sporting an OLD SCHOOL China haircut sitting in his OLD SCHOOL stroller. Srsly that thing was all wood, all paint and NO PADDING. and his HAIR. hahahaha omg seriously babies in China back in the day had this haircut hahaha too cute.

And here is PB’s photo of the day. He was crying cos he just missed me too much and couldn’t handle the pain. heaehaheahea joooooooookes. Too much wasabi!! Sawwwwwwww spizzeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Opening Ceremony for Uniqlo men’s shirt, Forevz 21 denim shorts, Converse chucks and Costume National bag

DIY safety pin necklace

Wah! Two outfits in one post! Yeh yeh yeh! This was what I wore out the day of the YSL Manifesto thing. I hardly wear contacts..just cos it’s not good for my eyes but did that day cos it was sooooooo sunny and wanted to wear my Raybee Wayfarers out for the first time! Don’t think I’ve posted on here that I got them. I know eeeeeeeeveryone and their mother has a pair…(literally, my mother got a pair before me) but I bet not even half of everyone got theirs for $50us!!!! And no, they’re not fake nor second hand..but incase you were wondering, they’re straight outta Century 21 :D

Ninniez with her YSL tote!

And me with mine…scratching my face!

After the Manifesto extravaganza me and Ninz walked around a little to do some window shopping/ shoe/bag groping around preparation for my BIG purchase heahaehe!! (big meaning it might take a few months).

ooooooooooo at OnPedder (on Pedder street) trying on bunny ears!!!!!! These are so popular right now and I’m planning to do a DIY pretty soon..I’ve got all the supplies just that I’m super lazy and dont have the time -.- will post when I do finally get it done!!! (omg you guys are gonna DIE when you find out what I’m using for the bunny ear part) heahea exciting. Oh and really…would you wear bunny ears out on the street???? Hmm…maybe not in HK -.-

Oh and also, in case you haven’t already noticed, check out allll the delicious shoes and bags in the background of the photo. Ughhhhhhhhhhh OnPedder, you and Lane Crawford killlllllllllllllll me ):

Spotted also at OnPedder, although I don’t think it was on sale..just for sitting. Another one for Katlin!

And last but definitely not the very least:

Are you a stinky doggie Lucky?


Are you a CUTIE doggie Lucky??????


heaheha so I hope you enjoyed my humungo post (fully equipped with TWO outfits AND multiple gifs!!!!!!!). Hopefully it won’t be another gajillion years until my next update :D hahe and my next one is gonna be gewwwwd: I promise a giveaway and hopefully a DIY!

Oh oh oh and thanks for allllllll the lovely comments on the previous post, you guys are aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!!!!!!!! I’m sorry I won’t be able to reply to everyone’s comments so soon but I’ll definitely get round to it sooooooooon..hopefully.


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